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“I knew what I was getting myself into, and I’m here to serve my patients no matter the cost.”

Covid-19 made for a unique experience for nursing students worldwide, witnessing the toll it takes on the very industry they are preparing to join. The idea of illness, burnout, and grief might be too much for some considering a new career. Still, students and graduates from Hallmark University’s School of Nursing feel undeterred by the prospect.

“As a nursing student during the pandemic, you would think that I might run away from the profession,” shared Chelsea Gomez, a graduate from the School of Nursing. “But for me, it made me want to become a nurse even more… I still want to help patients and care for them, even though they might have something like Covid-19.”

That’s not to say the prospect of dealing with Covid is not a cause for concern, particularly after witnessing the disease overwhelm hospitals during summer and winter surges. But the desire to care for others and save lives helps to overcome their worries and walk the path of nursing.

Nurse STRAC Dummy“When I’d take a moment and put my fear aside, I could see how I could help others and make things safer for everyone,” shared Maggie Peter, a nursing student at Hallmark University. “There’s always going to be fear; it’s just a question of how I’m going to deal with that fear so I can still help people.”

It’s not always easy to care for others, and it takes a big heart willing to do what is necessary to ensure the safety of others. When Chelsea Gomez contracted Covid at the end of nursing school and a month away from giving birth, her instructors and classmates supported her and made sure she was alright.

“I was 38 weeks pregnant, and I took every precaution that I could to avoid the virus, but I started having a high fever and just went down from there,” shared Chelsea. “It was scary, but my professors and classmates supported me as I dealt with the virus and got through my pregnancy healthy. With everything that was going on at the time, they helped to make sure I graduated on time.”

Chelsea Vial

A desire to help others is a shared passion among nurses, bringing about the most human and selfless people together to help those in need. The risks of a pandemic are not enough to deter nursing students who only care to help patients through their worst moments.

“I’m dedicating all of myself to this profession,” shared Silvy Abraham, a nursing graduate from Hallmark University. “I knew what I was getting myself into, and I’m here to serve my patients no matter the cost. I value human life so highly, and I’m going to do what it takes to make sure other people are getting help and feel better.”

Integrity, leader, communicator, dependable, agile, servant, and steward; seven Character Traits ingrained into students at Hallmark University easily found in nurses worldwide. You won’t search for very long to see how students in the School of Nursing embody these traits and will one day make the greatest difference in the lives of others.

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