Is Hallmark University Accredited?

Yes. Hallmark University is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

Is Hallmark University Nonprofit?

Yes! Hallmark University is a private, nonprofit university.

When was Hallmark University founded?

1969 as Hallmark Aero-Tech


“We change individual lives by developing superior skills, knowledge, and character.”

A University Built for You

Hallmark University Pillar GraphicToo many individuals are completing their journey through the higher education system without a clear direction forward. Hallmark University’s mission is built on three pillars that give our graduates a foundation to succeed for the rest of their lives, academia, industry, and character. These three pillars are a reflection of the “whole person” mentality we seek to develop in our students. When you walk the stage, you will have your degree, real-world experience, and strong character to face life’s challenges.

Core Values

Our core values represent who we are at the very core or heart of Hallmark University. They are the guiding principles that form the filter through which all that we do within and outside our walls must pass, simply, boldly and proudly establishing what is acceptable and unacceptable. They represent an unwavering standard meant to inspire, motivate, and enable us to perform and produce our desired outcomes at the very highest level.


Excellence is the gold standard to which Hallmark University is fully committed and by which we assess our performance and outcomes.


Effectiveness is the degree to which desired results or goals are achieved. It speaks directly to measurement and calls for tangible outcomes.


We are committed to the continual learning and improvement that allows us to eliminate waste even while increasing our level of performance every time we do our job.


Integrity is not a behavior or a habit, it is a self-discipline anchored in ones’ heart as a foundational core value, guiding principle and pure motive.

Building Character and Values

At Hallmark University, we prepare our students throughout their academic journey for success in life and their chosen careers. We guide, assist and advocate for you in a welcoming atmosphere that focuses on program completion and academic excellence. That is why we focus on these seven character traits:

• Integrity
• Leader
• Servant
• Steward
• Communicator
• Dependable
• Agile

Hallmark University is a private, non-profit university. Unlike public colleges, Hallmark University focuses on providing the superior skills, knowledge, and character that make our graduates better prepared for their careers and success.

Our Purpose

Our academic programs emphasize building and developing the core values that can positively impact your studies, life, and work. This is memorialized in Hallmark University’s Purpose which states, “To nurture the discovery and development of one’s greater purpose, through undergraduate and graduate education, consistent with biblical principles.”
We believe your story is part of a bigger purpose. For those students that seek more of a campus community, there are optional, voluntary student activities based on Biblically-based perspectives to students a pathway to discover and develop at their own pace and in a safe environment.

Focused on Being the Best in 4 Areas

We only offer degree programs in four areas of study for a reason; we want to be the best at what we do. We take a quality over quantity approach to ensure that every program we offer reflects a high level of expertise and strong graduate outcomes. We look at the San Antonio community for direction as to which industries are in need of experienced professionals. These are the industries we build our programs for. We quickly adapt to the continually changing workforce climate to maintain a high level of success in carrying out our mission.

San Antonio Skyline
Laying the Foundation

Hallmark University was founded in 1969 as Hallmark Aero-Tech. Cofounder, Richard Fessler, started our institution with the primary purpose of serving students, industry, and the community. The University continues to operate today on the original four core values established by Mr. Fessler. Our first campus was located at San Antonio’s historic Stinson Municipal Airport and the first program approved was Aviation Maintenance Technology, offered as a diploma program. On September 18, 1969, the doors opened to eight pioneering students who paved the way for the many thousands of proud Hallmark alumni that have followed.

Creating a Legacy

In 1974 Richard Fessler became President of Hallmark and led in that capacity through 1999. His vision and commitment to quality education led the expansion of the college into numerous fields of training including Business and Electronic Engineering. In 1982 Hallmark became the first private career school in the State of Texas to be awarded Associate degree-granting authority. This expansion of offerings and a growing enrollment led to the addition of two beautiful new campuses which continue to serve the university today. In the mid- 1990’s Hallmark Aero-Tech became The Hallmark Institutes and in 2000 Richard Fessler assumed the position of Chairman and Joe Fisher became President. Throughout the early 2000’s Hallmark expanded its program offerings to include Allied Health and Information Technology degrees, and in 2007 Hallmark Institute became Hallmark College. In 2008 Hallmark College was one of the first career colleges in Texas to offer Bachelor’s Degrees and in 2012 received authorization to offer programs at the Master’s Degree level.

Founder, Richard Fessler in the 1960s
Continuing the Legacy of Change

In order to secure the College’s mission for future generations, Hallmark College transitioned to a non-profit institution on January 1, 2013, and is governed by a board of trustees dedicated to our founding principles and core values. Student, industry, and community needs continue to be the focus of Hallmark University and today equips leaders with certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in aviation, business, information systems, cybersecurity, global management, and registered nursing. To align more closely with our mission and better serve future generations of Hallmark students, Hallmark College was promoted to Hallmark University in January 2015. This change was an important step, paving the way for the next chapter in Hallmark’s legacy.

Hallmark University Founder Richard Fessler Photo

Richard Fessler

Richard Fessler has served in leadership roles in business, education, aviation, charitable, and church organizations for over 50 years. He has pursued the transformation of society by preparing people through education to impact the marketplace and society.

Richard Fessler is the founder of Hallmark University. Originally known as AeroTech, the school was at Stinson Field and was San Antonio’s first school for aviation technicians. Now a part of Hallmark University and known as Hallmark College of Aeronautics, the campus is located at the San Antonio International Airport, and it is currently Texas’ largest aviation technician school. Richard is a licensed A&P mechanic and commercial pilot and was also the co-founder of Hallmark Jet Center, now known as Million Air in San Antonio. He is a past chair and member of both national and state college associations, as well as accrediting commissions. He was among the first members inducted into the San Antonio Aviation and Aerospace Hall of Fame in 2016 for his contributions to the education of aviation technicians. Richard has since retired from the University, is a proud father and grandfather, and is fortunate to have all of his family near him in the San Antonio area.

Hallmark Trustee Carolyn Fessler Photo

Carolyn Fessler

Mrs. Carolyn Fessler had been directly involved in Hallmark University since its founding in 1969. She was active in most aspects of its operation from the front office to management and leadership decisions which has guided the University to where it is today. Her legal background and applicable knowledge of the University’s guiding values and principles proved invaluable to the continued advancement of Hallmark University. Carolyn has since retired from the University and now enjoys two sons and nine grandchildren all living close by.

Is Hallmark University Accredited?

Yes. Hallmark University is accredited by Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).

Is Hallmark University Nonprofit?

Yes! Hallmark University is a private, nonprofit university.

When was Hallmark University founded?

1969 as Hallmark Aero-Tech