Internship & Externship Opportunities

Our goal is that our graduates gain as much industry experience as possible during their educational journey. In addition to the hands-on training they receive on campus, we strongly encourage students to spend time in the workplace as interns for partner companies. See our areas of study below for opportunities to partner with us.

Areas of Study:

  • Aeronautics
  • Business
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
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Building the Next Generation

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Speaker Series

We invite employers to visit the campus to share their knowledge and experience with our students. Speakers are encouraged to talk about topics related to our areas of study, mission, or industry.

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Mock Interviews

Employers are encouraged to partner with our academic team to help prepare our students for real-world interviews. The feedback and guidance given is invaluable to our graduates.

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Community Service

Our students engage in various community service projects throughout their time at Hallmark. We invite employers to come along side us and find new ways we can impact lives in the community.

Partnership Through Donation

As a nonprofit university, we have the opportunity to receive donations in the form of equipment, resources, financial gifts, and more. Donated equipment goes a long way to ensure that our facilities and training equipment are current with what is being used in the workforce.

If you have equipment or resources you would like to see change the lives of Hallmark students, we would love to talk.


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Program Advisory Committee
Influencing Curriculum and Impacting Outcomes

To ensure our curriculum lines up with what is being used in the industry, we utilize a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) made up of leaders in the community. Our PAC brings together members from the Aeronautics, Business, Healthcare, and Information Technology and Cybersecurity sectors.

Members meet twice a year to:

  • Give valuable curriculum feedback
  • Review new program offerings
  • Provide insight into industry trends
  • Network with other community leaders
Preferred Partner Tuition Discount

One of the benefits of becoming a preferred industry partner at Hallmark is the opportunity for a significant tuition reduction for your employees. This is a great way to offer a valuable service to your employees as higher education continues to become more costly, and higher level degrees become the standard.

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Leadership Development Through Partnership

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Character 360 Training

We have developed an entirely unique character training program for our students. An important kickoff event for this training is a one-day, bootcamp-style training session called Character 360. Our industry partners have the opportunity to bring our Character 360 training session to their workplace to help employees learn to prioritize important character traits.

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Global Leadership Summit Attendance

As a host site for the Global Leadership Summit, we extend invites to our industry partners to attend sessions at our Main Campus. GLS is one of the premier leadership training conferences as it reaches across the world through a live broadcast.

Consulting Services With HCG

Hallmark Consulting Group (HCG) is a mock organization that “hires” students when they are accepted into the program. Throughout their educational journey, students will participate in case studies and consulting services as HCG.

Let HCG Build Your Case Study

We are actively looking for more partners to allow our students to build out real case studies as part of their curriculum. This not only gives you a valuable asset but allows the students to gain scenario-based training and experience.

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Get In Touch
We would love to partner with you. Please reach out to us by phone, email, or requesting information below:
Director of Career Services & Industry Relations
Damita Nunally

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