Merlin III
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The New Swearingen Merlin III is Ready to Train Aviation Students

The College of Aeronautics is officially ready to utilize the Swearingen Merlin III it received this past December. Instructors at the College of Aeronautics designed courses and projects focused on the aircraft, creating new opportunities for students training to become Aircraft Technicians.

“The Merlin will give our students training on a turboprop aircraft, which we didn’t have before,” shared Kurt Leslie, Dean for the College of Aeronautics. “Now that we’ll be using it in the program, students will get more variety in their training, and it’s going to give them more experience they can use out in the industry.”

One of three new aircraft to make its way to the College of Aeronautics last year, the Swearingen Merlin III is the first twin-engine propeller aircraft used in the program. Using the Merlin III leads to graduates who find themselves experienced with a wider variety of aircraft they may encounter out in their careers.

AV CFM work

“The biggest benefit of having this aircraft is that our students will get experience on a Merlin aircraft. Even here at the San Antonio airport, some companies service this plane and hire employees who have experience on the Merlin. So, our students will get specialized training on this plane which will help them get jobs.”

Private and public organizations seek technicians with previous experience on specialized aircraft, meaning the Merlin III can help students find new jobs faster after graduation.

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