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To the Hallmark University community:

Last week the nation watched in horror as law enforcement officers senselessly took the life of another unarmed African American man, George Floyd. This is a test of our character as a nation and as an institution built upon the principles lived out by Jesus Christ.

We will pass this test as we strongly stand up against any form of racial or other social injustice. We must demand the creation and implementation of reforms based on principles that recognize each individual as an invaluable human being, created in the image of God. The demand for reform that holds those in a position of authority accountable when that authority is abused, does not lessen our respect for those law enforcement officers who are sworn to protect, serve, and uphold the law.

Our response to the death of George Floyd and similar racial injustices should be measured for their effectiveness in bringing real change. Let us stand together, in solidarity, determined and committed to see the reforms needed to bring justice and represent our best ideals as a nation. As part of the Hallmark University community we must exemplify the values and character traits we espouse.

Hallmark University was founded on biblical principles that recognize this value in all individuals and that call us to demonstrate our value for each other by loving one another. As a university community we must stand strong on that foundation. Our seven character traits are rooted in the “love chapter” of the bible, 1 Corinthians 13 verses 4 through 7. These scriptures describe Christ’s character which in the end is simply love.

Now more than ever, we at Hallmark are charged with living by example. Our example will be to demonstrate our insistence on valuing each human life as a unique creation of God and using love to conquer hate. It is by far our best weapon.

Joe Fisher

President/CEO – Hallmark University