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Ten Engines and Various Equipment Added to College of Aeronautics

A total of nearly $150,000 in donations and grants have aided the College of Aeronautics in acquiring a collection of new engines, tools, and technologies for the Aircraft Technician program. A grant from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) matched nearly $75,000 in donations made by the Askew Family Trust, effectively doubling opportunities to enhance the classroom experience.

Obtaining new training tools and 10 Continental O-470 aircraft engines expands the hands-on training students receive in the classroom. By continually acquiring new training aids, the College of Aeronautics bolsters its capabilities in training students while meeting the FAA’s repair, maintenance, and overhaul education requirements. TWC Engines 2

“The (Continental) engines that we purchased are going to make a big difference,” shared Dean for the College of Aeronautics Kurt Leslie. “In the past, we were only able to train a few students at a time since we only had one removal and installation installer. Now that we have ten, every student gets more hands-on time with them, which is what everyone wants.”

New workstations, electrical training units, and more joined the plethora of tools and instruments used at the College of Aeronautics. The major expansion and update to training aids have drastically enhanced the training students undergo in their programs.

“We’ve been able to revamp some of the training aids we use and get students more hands-on time with their projects, which was an amazing thing,” shared Kurt Leslie, Dean for the College of Aeronautics. “We would not have been able to make these changes if not for the Askew Family Trust donation and TWC grant.”

Donations and grants like those from the Askew Family Trust and TWC profoundly impact the education students receive. In the past year, Hallmark University added several new aircraft to its roster of training aids, further diversifying its portfolio of jets and planes.

Thank you to Neal and Nita Askew and Paul and Mary Dunn for helping us carry out our mission of changing individual lives.

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