Lockheed Martin Visits Aeronautics Students to Discuss Character

The Lockheed Martin Corporation recently paid a visit to students and upcoming graduates of Hallmark University’s College of Aeronautics. The global aerospace and technology organization shared the importance of having character and ethics in your career, especially for those beginning in aviation.

Lockheed Speaker“We can tell students all day long that character is important in their future jobs, but it doesn’t always sink in with everyone,” shared Kurt. “When we can get someone from the industry to come in and tell them that, yes, this is important, it brings realism into what we teach about character.”

The global security company is among the most prominent innovators in aerospace and technology, developing advanced systems, products, and services adopted worldwide. Lockheed Martin’s status as a global powerhouse of innovation would not be possible without a workforce that exhibits character.

“What differentiates us from other companies is the accountability that we all have. A lot of people trust and depend on you to have an aircraft ready to fly. I know I don’t have to double-check what you are doing or telling me because I trust you to be honest and dependable. It is a part of the industry and a part of who you are.”

Sheet metal 2 Lockheed Martin seeks out employees who are skilled at their craft and fit the culture of their organization. Employees that choose to do the right thing, speak up when they make a mistake, and take on the role of a leader. Finding employees who commit to their responsibilities have helped to make the organization into what it is today.

“The aviation industry is one of the bedrocks of what makes the US different, both from an economic and security standpoint,” a Lockheed Martin representative told students. “We need people that can do what you are going to do, and I applaud Hallmark University for the tremendous reputation of their graduates out in the industry, both on the military and commercial sides of aviation.”

By finding reliable, honest, and dependable employees, Lockheed Martin has built a workforce that is unmatched throughout the industry. During the early stages of their careers, employees will demonstrate their character and prove they can be relied upon by the global corporation. AV metal

“It is very likely at some point in your career that you will reach a level where supervision is no longer required while you are working. You are the one signing off on projects, major repairs, and preparing aircraft for flight; you have to be honest and reliable in the work you do.”

Dependable, integrity, honesty, communicator, agile, servant, and leader; seven Character Traits in total are ingrained in graduates of Hallmark University who go on to work for companies like Lockheed Martin. Having a workforce that embodies those Character Traits helps make a company like Lockheed Martin achieve success on an international scale.

“Everything that we have here in our programs are accepted practices in the industry. If you had an employee that had all of these traits, they would go far in the business, which is exactly what our graduates end up doing.”

Future Institutional Character and Ethics events will see representatives from Textron and potentially SpaceX, speaking more on the importance of character in the workplace.

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