Cybersecurity Instructor Jose Guerra 2018

Cybersecurity Instructor Jose Guerra was featured in Cyber Defense Magazine

Update 2/11/2019: Jose Guerra’s most recent feature in Cyber Defense Magazine covers multiple methods hackers use to compromise source codes for malicious purposes, such as social engineering attacks. Read his most recent article HERE starting on page 91!

Hallmark University’s cybersecurity instructor Jose Guerra recently had several articles focusing on cybersecurity featured in Cyber Defense Magazine. This magazine specializes in providing articles written by experts in cybersecurity and is a great news source for IT security information. His featuring of not one, but four articles in this magazine showcases his passion and experience on the ever-more important subject of cybersecurity.

“My background is in teaching, and any time I get information about something, I want to share it,” said Jose Guerra, Hallmark University’s cybersecurity instructor. “I want to educate individuals on (this) so every day I learn or pick up something, I want to teach it back to my students. That way they can learn about it and become exposed to it.”

His article featured in August covers protecting and securing networks, and best practices for IT personnel and businesses to follow. Jose has 12 years of experience in teaching software and information technology development, which he continues today at Hallmark University. Jose’s expertise adds excellent value to Hallmark University’s School of Information Technology as it works to train cybersecurity experts for today’s digital world.

When asked what he believes needs to be focused on more in the world of cybersecurity, Jose said “The software. The problem lies in the fact that you get a developer to develop the software with no security concept in mind. They want to develop something that’s function-based for the end user that’s visually appealing… but it doesn’t have any security measures built into them. Microsoft had this problem with Windows XP that focused on user experience but didn’t have security features. They weren’t adhering to this issue, so Windows XP was vulnerable. Microsoft moved to combat that by getting their developers to be more secure in their coding. So that’s what I think is happening now.”

IT Students Compete at CCDC

A team of students from Hallmark University’s School of Information Technology traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma for the CCDC Qualifier. This competition allows universities with cybersecurity programs to compete against one another in a hack-defend scenario. Hallmark University was among eight schools that competed in the regional competition which also included Baylor, UNT, and UTSA.