Donated Gulfstream III group Picture
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Hallmark University Receives Corporate Jet in Momentous Donation

The College of Aeronautics at Hallmark University recently received a Gulfstream III, an extremely popular and valuable business jet, to develop new curriculum and training programs for students at Hallmark University. Gulfstream Aerospace, the company that designed and manufactured the GIII, is providing Hallmark University with certain technologies and equipment for students to use during their training on the aircraft. Students will be able to use the same procedures and information as Gulfstream technicians in the field, greatly enhancing the educational experience. The donation of this GIII and Gulfstream’s support allows the university to train students directly on corporate aircraft, further expanding Hallmark’s expertise.

Students inside Gulfstream IIIBrent Fessler, President of Hallmark University, said “The GIII represents the importance of aviation as an effective tool to build global companies and economies by connecting world leaders and changers across the globe. Not only are Hallmark students able to learn directly on venerable aircraft such as the Gulfstream III, but a partnership with Gulfstream Aerospace has generously made available their Computerized Maintenance Program (CMP) so that our students are using the same work instructions and platform as Gulfstream technicians around the world.”

When discussing reasons for choosing Hallmark University, the donor of the GIII referred to Hallmark’s accelerated education program and character development. Hallmark’s degree programs are designed to reduce the time it takes to train and educate students in aviation maintenance. With traditional universities requiring students to enroll for three or four years to become an FAA-licensed technician, Hallmark University students graduate in just 15 months, having received their full education and hands-on experience, while joining the workforce sooner.

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