Brent Fessler speaking at 2019 It's Time for Change Luncheon

Leadership Presents Methods to Create Change in Higher Education and Future of the Institution

On February 26th, 2019 Hallmark University held its 4th annual “It’s Time for Change Luncheon” at the Pearl Stables among university and industry business leaders. Representatives for Hallmark University shared a series of recent achievements and upcoming community programs the university has developed to aid in their goal to create change in higher education.

It's Time for Change Luncheon 2019 GuestsChief Advancement and Institutional Effectiveness Officer Brent Fessler shared the unique positioning of the university compared to other institutions in the San Antonio region. The university’s accelerated education model results in lower overall tuition in each program, which has produced Hallmark University’s diverse student body when examining their ethnicity, age, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Programs offered at Hallmark are more accessible to students of all income levels and backgrounds, providing anyone with the opportunity to undergo a career in higher education.

Hallmark University’s workforce development programs, such as Aero CHI and the newly announced East Side Cyber Force Prime, were detailed by Vice President of Advancement Reggie Williams. Reggie shared how these programs are designed to expose youth and the underprivileged to careers in aviation and cybersecurity at no cost to them, working to develop the next generation of San Antonio’s workforce in these areas.

Hallmark University’s President and CEO Joe Fisher presented former Texas State Senator John Thomas Montford with the Hallmark University Community Service Award. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated the highest standard of service, leadership, and generosity. John Montford was chosen as the recipient for guiding the university with his extensive knowledge and experience in board governance with Hallmark University’s board of trustees and support of Hallmark’s vision.

In September of 2019 Hallmark University celebrates the 50th anniversary since its founding as Hallmark Aero-Tech in 1969, where the main program focused on the development of aircraft technicians, which Hallmark continues to do today. Brent Fessler presented the journey and transformation of the institution over the last 50 years, and how the growth over the last half-century has shaped the mission, values, and purpose to create the university in its current form today.

Joe Fisher speaking at 2019 It's Time for Change LuncheonThis growth and extraordinary milestone offers the opportunity to expand on the future direction of the university, and a master plan drafted by a development board of San Antonio’s community and business leaders.

“The university is entering an unprecedented phase of growth and community impact and it requires providing an unprecedented learning environment of our students,” said Joe Fisher, Chancellor of Hallmark University. “We change lives more successfully than most institutions because thrive on agility. We are just concluding a master plan for the university in which we collaborated with Dianne Powell and Darryl Byrd to define what the University will look like over the next decade and what it will take to get there.”

President Fisher revealed that the master plan details what is necessary to expand existing programs, how to get there, and a rendering of what new facilities are needed to house the future expansions.

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