“We change individual lives by developing superior skills, knowledge, and character.”

The above passage is Hallmark University’s mission, as we work to not just deliver an education but to also instill new skills and character traits in students to help them succeed in their personal and professional lives. Hallmark University believes the development of skills, knowledge, and character are what lead to different levels of success and help us learn more about who we are. And for Katleen D’Annette, a BS Business Management graduate, she learned she was a better leader than she thought she was.

“The character program taught me I was a better leader than I thought I was.”

Katleen D’Annette enrolled in Hallmark University’s BS in Business Management with a concentration in Healthcare, eventually looking to learn how to navigate the VA system, with a goal of figuring out how to deal with the struggles of insurance. But after having been enrolled in the Character Training program for several terms, Katleen noticed that she was showing the signs of a leader.

“The whole idea is that your character shows when nobody else is watching, but I’ve made a point of explaining myself more when dealing with a difficult decision. And things like the character program taught me I was a better leader than I thought I was. I never thought of myself as a leader until I went through the character training.”

For now, Katleen works as a caregiver for a family friend and has seen how much her degree has helped her in this case. “I can now negotiate the family through the whole healthcare aspect of this. And I’ve actually quoted people back on HIPPA and surprised a few receptionists who are not used to people that know what they’re signing for.”