Dr. Donald Leaver Portrait
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New Dean Brings Over Thirty Years of Experience to the School of IT’s Future

Dr. Donald Leaver is ready to use his thirty-one years of experience in IT for the private sector and the United States Air Force to take Hallmark University’s award-winning IT and Cybersecurity programs to new heights.

Dr. Leaver’s journey in IT started with the United States Air Force, initially specializing in intercepting and decoding adversary communications around the world. Later moving up to an officer’s role, Dr. Leaver utilized exploited information to assist military commanders forming their strategies.

“I worked at an intelligence center where we would exploit information and keep our commanders updated so they could strategize tactics, techniques, and procedures.”

Dr. Leaver retired from the United States Air Force in 2011 after twenty-one years of service. Shifting to a consultant’s role, he used his expertise to secure business and government agencies from cybersecurity threats.

“After retiring, I became a Senior Cyber Intelligence Analyst and supported cybersecurity operations for Joint Base San Antonio Lackland and companies, such as Booz Allen Hamilton and Alion Science and Technology. During that time, I started teaching as an Adjunct Instructor at a few universities which built my professional experience to where I didn’t just have a military and IT background.”

The School of Information Technology has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years, expanding training and offering new degree programs in the process. Dr. Leaver’s expertise will take IT programs to next level, building upon the success the school has seen in recent years.

“Quite frankly, my desire is for us to be the best School of IT in San Antonio. When we talk about excellence in higher education, we mean the quality of our courses and the character of our students. Our programs will be up to date with the latest industry trends while instilling character traits that are necessary for success out in the industry.”

Driven by his passion for student success, Dr. Leaver intends to create a life-changing experience for students attending Hallmark University. Combining his expertise in IT with the Character Education Program at Hallmark University, Dr. Leaver is resolute in his mission to change student’s lives.

“I’m excited to be the Dean because my passion is student success. When you have someone struggling with challenges and decides to go to school, we don’t just give an opportunity to change lives; we change lives by developing superior skills, knowledge, and character. That makes an impact that stays with them the rest of their lives. Serving our students to become that person and making a tangible difference in their lives is what excites me the most about this position.”

Dr. Leaver’s passion for IT and student success will lead to substantial advances for the School of Information Technology. His vision for the School of Information Technology’s future sees its programs achieving status among the best in the city and state, bringing the programs to the center of the IT and cybersecurity communities.

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