Hallmark University school of business student gives presentation
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Hallmark University cybersecurity students looking at monitorsAdmission to Hallmark University is based on a holistic view of the applicant. Many factors go into evaluating candidates for admission. Our students come from diverse backgrounds. Hallmark University welcomes students who excelled in healthcare, IT, aviation or business programs, whether the student took AP coursework, or not. Many of our students transfer colleges and find a better home with Hallmark. Hallmark University is an excellent college for veterans whose experience and discipline predict success in our rigorous programs. For families that home school, many parents are concerned with whether college for home school students is a fit. Students and parents find that our small cohorts, and focus on character, coupled with their readiness means it is very much so.

But there are some specific criteria that we hope to meet with each incoming student. First and foremost, Hallmark University wants students who can excel here. That means above all, a willingness to engage, work hard, dive headfirst into material, and be ready to move fast starting on day 1. Secondly, we want to ensure that our programs are a good fit for your academic or professional experience, existing skills and interests, and your future career goals. While there are varying GPA and testing requirements across programs, an interview helps Hallmark University gauge appropriateness for admission. We like to know more about you as a student for the same reasons an employer interviews candidates rather than just relying on a resume to make hiring decisions.

What should not be a determinant of your ability to attend Hallmark University? That is an easy answer: finances. Our students come to us from various socioeconomic backgrounds. First generation college students and those unfamiliar with the process for covering tuition costs will find support from our financial aid team, who helps you navigate the process.Hallmark University aeronautics students examine Southwest Airlines turbine engine

Our faculty, our leadership, our employees, and our students are aligned behind a common goal: to position our graduates for success. Our programs are focused on delivering exceptional graduates prepared for careers in IT, Business, Nursing, and Aviation. What do these careers have in common? First, they are in demand. We take a market-driven approach to what we teach, and how we teach it. If you are interested in a business degree in San Antonio, we want to ensure that you have not only the knowledge and skills to succeed, but the character that ensures you lead with integrity. If you are interested in a career in information technology, it is important to us that you can handle emerging and complex technology challenges with the agility to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Now, more than ever, our Nursing graduates are needed for their leadership and dependability on the heels of a “once in an era” pandemic. And as the world reopens, we are finding we have too few people who are available in air travel and aviation, especially with the technical knowledge required to keep planes maintained as stewards for their brand, customers, and stakeholders. In an admissions interview, we’ll explore these possibilities and try to determine whether these outcomes and the work it will take to get there are right for you as a candidate for admission.

Hallmark University builds leaders. Hallmark University produces graduates who serve each other, serve customers, serve employers, serve the community, and serve themselves. Hallmark University graduates have confidence in their abilities and through a rigorous education and are excellent communicators in their professional environments.

The right candidate for Hallmark may not yet have all the skills and traits, but they possess a willingness to work hard to get there. Our programs aren’t for everyone given our focus on specific professions. While many universities rely strictly on GPA, essays and test scores for admissions decisions, Hallmark University requires an interview to ensure that the program is a fit. If you are interested in learning more about Hallmark, or scheduling an interview click here.

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