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Graduates celebrate after the graduation ceremony

You Can Change Someone’s Life By Donating to the Hallmark Fund

Hallmark University students are driven to change their lives, and we are driven to help them. When you become a part of the Hallmark University family, whether it be as a faculty member, donor, parent, or students, you will be part of the change.

The Big Give is an opportunity to help drive change within the lives of Hallmark students. Funds raised through the Big Give go directly to the Hallmark Fund, a financial resource for financial aid, student support funds, and special projects such as classroom and training equipment upgrades.

Who We Serve

The Hallmark Fund serves our unique student population, consisting of one of the most diverse collection of students in San Antonio. Our student body is:

  • 30% Single Parents
  • 35% Veterans
  • 66% Persons of Color
  • 50% Benefactors of Financial Aid

The students we serve are among those who benefit the most from the resources provided to them through the Hallmark Fund. By donating to Hallmark University during the Big Give, you literally help change someone’s life.

The Big Give is on September 23rd! Save the Date and Change Someone’s Life By Giving to the Hallmark Fund!

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