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Hallmark University is proud to announce a significant milestone as Scott Pearce is appointed the role of Program Chair for the esteemed College of Aeronautics.

Pearce’s journey within the institution has been one of dedication and progression, starting as the Tool Supply Technician. He worked his way up to become an Aviation Instructor, Assistant Director, Lead Aviation Instructor & Character Program Manager, and now serves as the Program Chair.

What amplifies the enthusiasm surrounding this announcement is Pearce’s unique connection to Hallmark University. A testament to the institution’s commitment to cultivating its own talent, Scott graduated from the Associate Program in 2020, followed by the attainment of his bachelor’s degree from Hallmark University in 2022. Undeterred in his pursuit of knowledge, he achieved his master’s degree in 2023, embodying the values and ethos that Hallmark University upholds. Image of Scott Pearce appointed walking in front of airplane.

Pearce stands as a living embodiment of Hallmark University’s principles, actively engaging with the four pillars of Outcomes, Retention, Character, and Employment for students daily. His commitment to the Character Program has been instrumental in shaping the success of the College of Aeronautics, reflecting his visionary approach to education.

The appointment of Scott Pearce as Program Chair signifies a continuation of Hallmark University’s commitment to excellence and the nurturing of individuals who personify the institution’s core values. The College of Aeronautics looks forward to the positive impact and innovative leadership that Scott Pearce is poised to bring to his new role.

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