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Vaccine Commercials feature Students Sharing their Pandemic Experiences

Metro Health recently partnered with Hallmark University to film a series of new TV spots for their “What Will It Take?” vaccination campaign. City officials recorded Hallmark University students’ personal stories, experiences, and inspirations to connect with those still unvaccinated against the coronavirus.

Driving Vaccinations in San Antonio

The new campaign encourages San Antonio residents to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves, their loved ones, and others in San Antonio. Filming inside simulation nursing and IT labs, city officials interviewed Hallmark University students over their experiences from the past year. Metro Health Behind the Scenes 1

“These PSAs are a part of our marketing efforts to reach a variety of residents,” shared Rudy Arispe, Metro Health Public Relations Manager. “We wanted to hear the personal experiences and reasons why someone decided to get vaccinated.”

Metro Health Behind the Scenes 3Students painted a vivid picture of why they chose to get vaccinated and how they believe the vaccines will help to finally bring an end to the pandemic. Emotional stories painted a powerful image of how the student’s lives were affected over the past year, sharing personal stories of worry and loss.

“The stories we heard were quite impactful and very heartfelt. They came from the students’ hearts and always had encouraging messages about why they got vaccinated. They want to help end the pandemic and do their part by getting vaccinated.”

Students shared words of encouragement and comfort with viewers, helping to ease those worried about the vaccines. The combined effort of vaccine drives and powerful messaging by Hallmark University and Metro Health will help to diminish the presence of Covid-19 in the San Antonio community. Metro Health Behind the Scenes 2

“The underlying message of all these videos and the participants is really to remind people that it’s important to get the vaccine and to encourage others to get vaccinated. It’s a team effort, and I think it’s wonderful that Hallmark University is doing its part to remind those who haven’t yet gotten the vaccine to do so.”

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