A nursing student examines a packet of medical supplies in the nursing lab at Hallmark University
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Graduating Nurses Maintain University’s 100% NCLEX Pass-Rate

Hallmark University is celebrating the continued success of its nursing students, who have achieved a 100% NCLEX first time pass rate for the third time in a row. Aspiring nursing students must pass the challenging NCLEX before the state will grant them their license, testing nursing student’s capabilities in the final stage of their education.

“A lot of nursing schools have been shut down because they cannot achieve a high first time NCLEX pass rate in their programs,” shared Dr. Claudia Oglivie, dean for Hallmark University’s School of Nursing. “It takes a lot of work and training by both faculty and students to reach the necessary NCLEX pass rate.”

A nursing student works in a simulation lab in the school of nursing

The nationwide average for first time pass rates reached 86% in 2020, setting the bar high for nursing schools. Hallmark University’s pass rate indicate its graduate’s abilities in providing safe, quality care for the patients they encounter in the field.

This latest group of graduating nurses is the third cohort to complete Hallmark University’s BSN program since its launch three years ago, setting the stage for what to expect from future nursing students who follow in their footsteps.

“I am very proud of our students because their success just shows how dedicated they are to their new profession. And I am very proud to be the Dean of a school that has a 100% NCLEX pass rate. It is not something that you just acquire, you have to keep working very hard to maintain that status.”

A nursing student puts on gloves before beginning a simulation exercise in the School of Nursing

Graduates from previous nursing cohorts, such as Chelsea Gomez, have sought out their new careers in the community, finding passion in their new line of work.

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