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“A True Aviator” Awarded Scholarship in Pursuit of Opening Up Flight School

Andrea McGilvray is the latest recipient of the Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship, an award given to passionate aviation graduates who embody Hallmark University’s Character Traits. Described as a “true aviator” by the scholarship’s founder, Andrea has explored the world of aviation for the past 30 years, first by earning her pilot’s license and attending aerobatics events. Angela with her aircraft

“I have gone in and out of aviation over the years, but I got back into it when I bought an open cockpit biplane a few years ago,” said Andrea, the latest scholarship recipient. “I loved it and learned to fly aerobatics when I got a scholarship at the Patty Wagstaff Aviation School.”

Andrea attended aerobatics at schools across the country, learning from renowned aerobatics pilots Bud Davidson and Steve Wolf. The introduction to aerobatics ignited a renewed passion for aviation maintenance, leading Andrea to learn how to work on her aircraft with Hallmark University.

Andrea sitting in her aircraft “I work as a realtor, but I have always wanted to be an Aircraft Technician. So, when Covid hit, it was the best time to pursue that dream. Now that I have my A&P, I can work on my aircraft, but I also plan to open an aerobatics school outside of San Antonio. I want to foster the community’s interest in aviation, especially among kids, girls, and women.”

As Andrea approached her graduation date, the Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship founder, Stan Younger, learned about Andrea’s story in aviation.

“If you look at her story, you know that she is a true aviator,” said Stan Younger. “She has a history in aviation, owns airplanes, and to be able to recognize her and all of her leadership skills that she has shown with the aviation community was a no-brainer. We are very proud to award her with this scholarship.”

The Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship spotlights Andrea’s lifelong passion for aviation. It will help her as she moves forwards with her plans to introduce the world of aviation to the community. Andrea after receiving the Bright Lights award

“I was blown away when I learned I won the scholarship,” said Andrea McGilvray. “I am not one to ask for money, everything that I have done I have managed on my own, but to be seen for my dedication to aviation is special. I will be paying this forwards.”

The Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship is given to students based on their performance in school and a review of the recipient’s Hallmark Character Traits.

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