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FAA Honors ’73 Graduate Glen Scott with Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award

On June 5th, 2019 Hallmark University Alumni Glen Scott was awarded the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award, an honor given by the FAA to recognize those who have served as an aircraft technician for over fifty years. This award is named after the first mechanic in powered flight and is the highest honor the FAA bestows, recognizing the lifetime accomplishments of senior mechanics in aviation. Due to the eligibility requirements of the award, only 2077 technicians have received this honor since its inception in 1998, representing only 2% of the total aviation technicians in the workforce today.

Glen Scott began his lifelong career as an aviation technician in 1968 when he started working as a mechanics helper in San Antonio. His role grew his interest in aviation, and would routinely work on aircraft such as Lockheed Lodestars and the B-25 Mitchell, all while training to become a pilot. After working in aviation for two years, he enrolled in the second cohort at Hallmark University (then Aero-Tech) in 1971, with co-founder Richard Fessler as one of his primary instructors.

“I had Mr. Fessler and Mr. Conrad as my two teachers,” said Glen Scott, Hallmark University alumni, and Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award recipient. “It was incredible since I was already in full immersion working on the airplanes at work and training with my tools. I had the hands-on (training) from work, but Hallmark filled in all of the blanks. It was excellent, and I soaked it up, it couldn’t have been any better.”

Mr. Scott has worked in aviation for over fifty-two years and retired after working at Richardson Aviation in Fort Worth for twenty-seven years. At his home in East Texas, Glen maintains a private aviation museum with a personal collection of aircraft and other aviation assets, such as engines and rare maintenance manuals. In his retirement, Glen aspires to become a professional aviation writer and uses his personal story and experiences as a framework for his literature.

After receiving the FAA’s Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award, Glen Scott spoke about his experience at Hallmark University in the second cohort of students in the program. His reflection on how Hallmark instilled the knowledge and skills necessary for his extensive career in aviation highlights the unique program and instructors at the College of Aeronautics.

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