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Graduate Profile Series: School of Information Technology
J Tatsuya Peters, Class of 2019

At the Fall 2019 Commencement Ceremony, J Tatsuya Peters represented the graduating class of the School of Information Technology. J shared with the gathering of families, friends, and fellow graduates the journey he made from a veteran to an Infrastructure Engineer, making a six-figure income at only twenty-two years of age. J’s journey to his chosen career path began long ago and advanced rapidly by the advantages of Hallmark University.

“I’ve always liked working with numbers and technology,” said J Tatsuya Peters, School of Information Technology 2019 graduate. “When I joined the Navy in 2016, I began working as a Cyber Analyst, and it just made a lot of sense to me. When I came back as a reservist, I heard about Hallmark University and its two-year cybersecurity program, and that interested me. Having a Bachelor of Science and getting it in two years versus the usual four was game-changing because, to me, time is your greatest asset.”

The time it takes for most programs to train students in cybersecurity is often too long, as the field of cybersecurity changes nearly daily with new threats and exploits. After learning about the fast-paced nature of the program, J enrolled in the School of Information Technology, where he found out about the expertise the instructors harbored in the subjects they taught.

J Tatsuya Graduation 2“The instructors in the Cybersecurity program know how to relate the materials to students since it’s their chosen craft. Learning from professionals like Dr. Edwards, who works for USAA, is game-changing. He broke down the framework for cybersecurity in a very detail-oriented way, but he did it on a level that all his students would be able to understand. When we graduated and started working, nothing that we’ve learned was wasted.”

J focused on his studies, learning the best practices of cybersecurity, and how to defend an organization’s sensitive data. Before having graduated, J entered the industry to apply his talents and interests in cybersecurity, setting him on the course of success he is on now. The guidance he received from instructors at Hallmark University helped him as he began his career, earning several high-demand certifications in the process.

“The instructors gave me a lot of guidance and suggested which certifications to get in the industry, which is why I received my Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker certifications. Now I’m twenty-two years old, making six figures right after earning my bachelor’s degree, where previously I was working part-time as a cashier. I believe that Hallmark University gave me the edge to succeed in my career because I believe the saying is knowledge is power, but I feel that it’s false. The true saying should be applied knowledge is power. Using the Cisco routers and switches, virtual machines, and other tools during my undergrad made everything far more useful in my day-to-day work.”

J’s skills and understanding in the field have enhanced since his initial interest in cybersecurity during high school. The hands-on nature of the programs at Hallmark University has refined J’s talents in the field of information technology, guiding him to become the talented cybersecurity professional he is today.

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