A nursing student uses a stethoscope on a mannequin
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Healthcare Employers Offer Nursing Graduates New Career Paths

Incredibly high demand for new nurses throughout the healthcare industry has made job seeking a thing of the past for nursing graduates. The latest graduates from Hallmark University’s School of Nursing witnessed the demand first-hand after employers made job offers to every graduate attending a recent hiring event hosted by Hallmark.

A nursing student works in a simulation lab in the school of nursing

Representatives from Texas Vista Medical Center, Methodist Hospital, and University Health System detailed the many career paths in nursing and the industry’s future growth. Students who accepted job offers from the hiring event began their new careers shortly after graduating.

“There is never a waiting period for nursing graduates looking for work,” shared Jennifer Abdullah, Director of Industry Relations and Career Services. “Nurses get picked up very quickly and typically get hired just a week after graduating.”

A nursing student handles an IV Drip Driven by the COVID-19 Pandemic and an ongoing nursing shortage across the US, healthcare providers seek new nurses on a near-constant basis. Hallmark nursing graduates are prepared to answer the healthcare industry’s call for help, getting to work immediately changing the lives of those in their care.

“The demand for nurses is so high that employers reach out to us constantly wanting to hire our graduates. Nursing students only need to pass the NCLEX, and they can get into jobs that are eagerly waiting for them.”

Aspiring nurses must pass the challenging NCLEX before the state grants them their license, testing nursing student’s capabilities in the final moments of their education. Hallmark University’s School of Nursing has achieved a 100% first-time NCLEX pass rate for the past two graduating cohorts.

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