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Cybersecurity Instructors Discuss Federal Cybersecurity Laws and Liabilities in United States {Cybersecurity} Magazine

Instructors Jason Edwards and Griffin Weaver from Hallmark University’s School of Information Technology recently wrote an article for United States Cybersecurity Magazine. Their feature focuses on federal laws and additional liabilities that cybersecurity professionals need to be aware of in their careers. The two cybersecurity experts helped to create the new Master of Science in Cybersecurity program and provide legal counsel to USAA concerning Cybersecurity topics.

Cyber security instructor, Jason Edwards 2019“Griffin and I presented this topic at a conference called ‘BSides’ in Dallas last year,” said Jason Edwards, Adjunct Cybersecurity Instructor for Hallmark University and Compliance Director in Cybersecurity for USAA. “Several of the cyber professionals in the audience had various legal issues in the past, and we decided it would be of help for a wider audience. We often do training internally at USAA and have trained more than 4,000 employees on regulatory and legal compliance over the past year.”


Jason met Dr. Paul Cooper, Dean for the School of Information Technology, while working on his Doctorate in Organizational Management. When Dr. Cooper joined Hallmark University’s team last year, he encouraged Jason and Griffin to join and help develop the new Master of Science in Cybersecurity Program. Griffin developed the Cyberlaw and Governance courses while Jason developed the Cybersecurity Risk Management course, both teaching their respective programs. Both instructors have brought their expertise to educate professionals on managing teams of cybersecurity specialists while combating the rise of cyber-attacks across the globe.

To read their article on US Cybersecurity Magazine click here

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