Stan Younger stands inside of a hangar at the College of Aeronautics
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Former Aviation Executive Stan Younger joins Hallmark University as the new Dean for the College of Aeronautics.

Stan Younger has spent a lifetime working in aviation, managing service centers, and driving innovation within the aviation industry. His 30 plus years in aviation has seen him work for several aeronautics’ organizations, including his time as the Vice President of Service Facilities for Textron Aviation.

“I was privileged to be promoted to the Vice President of Service Facilities for Textron Aviation, where I managed their maintenance facilities around the globe,” shared Stan Younger, dean for the College of Aeronautics. “I supported Textron for close to 20 years when I furthered my career by joining Bombardier.”

Stan supported Bombardier’s aviation maintenance facilities throughout the world, spending five years as the Vice President of Service Centers. But Stan’s solutions in service management built him a reputation for pioneering new services, aiding in developing “mobile service” for the aviation industry. A student practices riveting in a sheet metal class

“Twenty years ago, aircraft always had to be brought directly to a maintenance facility for repairs. Now it is common for companies to have 20 to 30 trucks around the country that go to the customer to keep broken airplanes operational.”

Stan and his team created some of the first mobile repair units for the aviation industry, collaborating with the FAA to outline rules of operation for the widely adopted service. Thirty years after beginning his remarkable aviation career, Stan Younger has made his way to Hallmark University, serving as the College of Aeronautics’ dean.

“I would hire Aircraft Technicians from Hallmark University all of the time when I was working at Textron Aviation here in San Antonio. At one point, I had joined the university’s Program Advisory Committee to guide the curriculum based on the needs of the industry. Now I am excited to join Hallmark University as the dean for the College of Aeronautics.”

A student practices riveting with an instructor Stan’s perspective as an employer of Aircraft Technicians lends him a unique perspective for the university’s programs, giving him the ability to steer training and curriculum to exactly what employers seek out in the industry. Serving as the new dean for the College of Aeronautics, Stan will build up industry partnerships and continually refine programs to train new generations of Aircraft Technicians.

“We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, and my first goal is to continue the great work that retired dean Kurt Leslie did during his time here at the university. We will continue with his vision while instilling some thoughts and initiatives of my own to help the school grow.”

Stan Younger’s extensive experience in and passion for the aviation industry will lead to meaningful innovation for the 52-year-old College of Aeronautics. Utilizing his expertise and drive to develop the best Aircraft Technicians possible will place the university’s aviation program among the best in the nation.

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