Image of Bombardier spokesperson speaking to students about employer success.
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Embarking on a journey towards higher education is a pivotal moment in one’s life, and for those at Hallmark University, it’s not just about obtaining a degree; it’s about preparing for a successful career. As we delve into the professional landscape, we find that the experiences and qualities valued by employers play a crucial role in shaping a graduate’s success. In this blog post, we turn the spotlight on the feedback provided by Flexjet, Bombardier, and PSA Airlines who have visited Hallmark University this year as part of our Aviation Employer Speaker Series.


What qualities or experiences make a candidate stand out during the job application process?

PSA Airlines: I think it’s the dedication, the time, and the effort that the instructor’s & faculty put into the students. It really shows from the ones that have shown up here at PSA from the school that the school really cares. They care about the students they’re putting out. They care about the students showing up and doing the right thing and presenting the values the school upholds.Image of PSA Airlines spokesperson talking to students about employer success.

Bombardier: We’re typically looking for somebody who does have previous experience already that will be first on the list. But you don’t have to have previous experience. Hallmark is such a great university that we know and understand what they’re teaching here. So, Hallmark students are always one of our top priorities as well.

Flexjet: Actually, first of all, their resume that there are no typos and that it is professionally written. Their dress, that they’re dressed appropriately for an interview. No jeans, not necessarily a tie, but a nice shirt, maybe a jacket for a lady. You know, again, just a nice top professional dress. That they come prepared, that they have a copy of the resume for me as well as, you know, possibly another manager that’s going to sit in on the interview. And, that they ask questions and take notes.


What about Hallmark University graduates stand out to you?

Flexjet: Hallmark definitely has a lot of the virtues that Flexjet has as far as our employees come first. We have a fanatical attention to detail that’s very important to us. All of our employees, they’re professionals. They are respectful and respectful to each other. And every time I come in here, anytime I speak with or interview a student from Hallmark, I always have that. I always receive that from them.

Bombardier: One of the things that we’re looking for as top priority is going to be character with distinction. You know, perfect attendance. We’re looking for those students that stand out amongst all the other students.


Any advice for a Hallmark University student starting their studies?

Image of FlexJet spokesperson speaking to students about employer success.Bombardier: Yeah, absolutely. Try to learn as much as you can about aviation, volunteer as much as you can. Go out to a flight school, try to get some training there. Learn as much as you can about an aircraft and some aircraft maintenance. You’re going to love your aviation career. It’s a great time to be in aviation and learn as much as you can and go out there and get it.

PSA Airlines: Take your time. Review your options. Obviously, PSA is going to be the best, but the best may be something different for you. So, explore a little bit of everything. Don’t be afraid to leave San Antonio. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

FlexJet: Study hard, be a leader. Make yourself stand out. Hallmark offers so many other programs that many schools don’t. So, I highly suggest if you don’t have a job right now in the business to make yourself known as far as being a leader, a team lead, and a mentor.

We appreciate the employers who shared their insights on the standout qualities of Hallmark University graduates. Your practical advice and observations contribute significantly to the development of our students and validate our commitment to real-world readiness. Thank you for being a crucial part of the Hallmark University community, helping shape the success stories of our graduates. We value your partnership and look forward to continued collaboration in preparing students for success in their careers.

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