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Nursing Graduates Pass The NCLEX on First Attempt

Latest Results Mark 100% NCLEX Pass Rate for the School of Nursing

Hallmark University’s School of Nursing celebrates the successes of its latest nursing graduates who have all passed the NCLEX on their first attempt. Aspiring nurses must pass the challenging NCLEX before the state will grant them their license, testing nursing student’s capabilities in the final moments of their education. Nursing Sim Lab 2

“The NCLEX is a difficult exam and is why nursing schools are judged by their graduates first-time pass rates,” shared Dr. Oluwakotanmi, Dean for School of Nursing. “Our previous graduating class passed the NCLEX on their first attempt as well, which shows promise for our nursing students when it is their turn to take the exam.”

Students in Nursing LabThe latest graduating cohort is the second to complete Hallmark University’s BSN program since its launch three years ago. Witnessing a sustained first-time pass rate between the first graduating cohorts shows great promise for upcoming nursing graduates.

“We are very proud to achieve such a high passing rate, which shows the effectiveness of our program. We are higher than the national first-time pass rate for nursing schools across the country.”

The nationwide average for first-time pass rates reached 86% in 2020, setting the bar high for nursing schools. Hallmark University’s pass rates indicate its graduate’s abilities in providing safe, quality care for the patients they encounter in the field. Nursing drip bag

The latest graduates of the program, such as Chelsea Gomez, have sought out their new careers in the community, finding passion in their new line of work.

If you would like to learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, please click here.

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