Group photo of students who achieved a 100% FAA exam pass rate posing in front of plane.
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First Time in Hallmark History Students Achieve 100% Pass Rate

A group of students made history recently by achieving a 100% pass rate on an FAA administered exam at the College of Aeronautics. It is the first time that an entire student cohort has passed the exam since Hallmark University started training new Aircraft Technicians over half a century ago.

“These students came together and took the General Exam within two weeks of finishing out the term, which is the fastest that a cohort has done that,” said Kurt Leslie, Dean for the College of Aeronautics. “Never have we had 100% of students take and pass the exam, but these students did just that which is incredible.”

A student practices riveting with an instructor The FAA’s General Exam encompasses a variety of subjects to test student’s understanding of areas including aircraft drawings, FAA regulations, aircraft physics and more. Although the exam is optional, students are strongly encouraged to take it and are especially recognized by Hallmark University when they pass it.

“We give students a maroon polo to wear to school that signals they have taken the General Exam. When an employer comes by, we explain to them that these students are the class burners. If they want skilled workers who are going to make them a lot of money, they need to hire those students in maroon shirts.”

The latest cohort to take the exam have three terms remaining before graduation, where they will find vast opportunities among a rapidly recovering aviation industry. Taking their recent success into consideration, Dean Kurt Leslie is confident the cohort will swiftly complete the program and launch into their new careers. A student practices riveting in a sheet metal class

“They came together as a team with a common vision of passing the General Exam and pulled it off together. Considering how these students have done so far, I expect them to hit the ground running when they graduate.”

Students train on an assortment of planes, jets, and engines at the College of Aeronautics, familiarizing themselves with a variety of systems and aircraft that prepare them for their upcoming careers.

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