Women First Luncheon

“Women are FIRST” Luncheon – FIRST Robotics Competition San Antonio, TX

Interest in technology is not a genetic trait assigned at birth. It is a passion developed at a young age that spans all cultures and genders. A common misconception about the technology sector is that very few women are interested in the field. The number of women pursuing an education and career in technology is rapidly growing and can be witnessed throughout the technology sector and in the prestigious roles females play in major technology companies and crucial government offices.

The growth of women in technology can also be witnessed right here in San Antonio at the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Alamo Regional Robotics Competition. Teams of high school students, approximately 3500+ participants, from around the nation have swarmed into San Antonio to compete with incredible machines and exciting attire.

Chelcie White at Women First LuncheonAt the beginning of the competition, the “Women are FIRST” luncheon was held to honor the female students participating in the competition.  Hallmark University, Microsoft, and Rackspace teamed up to provide a delectable meal along with scholarship opportunities, experienced technology mentors and a variety of gifts in appreciation of the ladies effort and dedication to technology. Hallmark University offers a number of technology scholarships including the “Women in Technology” scholarship to support females interested in a pursuing a career in the technology field.

One of the keynote speakers at the luncheon was Chelcie White, a Hallmark University alumni currently working as a Racker at Rackspace.