UPDATE: February 19, 5:09 PM CST

The Hallmark network resources are now available and you can access them. The issues caused by the power outages are resolved.

UPDATE: February 18, 1:53 PM CST

Students, there have been changes made to the university schedule. Please see this post for details.

UPDATE: February 18, 11:16 AM CST

We will remain closed through this week and be back in the office on Monday the 22nd. The building will open on Monday at 6:00 AM CST. This is for both the Aeronautics campus on Wetmore and the I-10 campus.

UPDATE: February 17, 12:57 PM CST

There is still no power at the I-10 location and the weather forecast has more freezing rain and/or snow for tonight. We will remain closed for tomorrow, Thursday the 17th, and we will let you know about Friday the 18th sometime early afternoon tomorrow. It is not known at this time when power will be restored to I-10 and all our various IT systems remain unavailable.

Hang in there!

UPDATE: February 16, 10:00 AM CST

Power has not been restored at Hallmark University and the network resources remain unavailable. Please continue to stay safe and warm.

February 14, 4:06 PM CST

Hallmark University’s campuses will be closed all day Monday, February 15th, and Tuesday, February 16th. We will be reopening on Wednesday, February 17th, at 10:00am. All physical classes will be moved online.

Aviation and Nursing students please check your Hallmark email for more information from your deans.

Employees and faculty will work remotely during these times. Any questions should be directed to your supervisor.