Image of Whatever It Takes Coin
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In the realm of academia, tradition and symbolism hold significant meaning. At Hallmark University, the value of tradition is deeply ingrained into its core beliefs. One such tradition that has been adopted is the distribution of Whatever it Takes (WIT) coins to all students and faculty. These small, commemorative challenge coins carry a rich history and a sense of belonging within the Hallmark University community.

Image of Whatever It Takes Coins throughout the years

Challenge coins originated within military units to boost morale, enhance camaraderie, and recognize exceptional achievements. Today, many organizations, including educational institutions like Hallmark University, have adopted this tradition to cultivate a strong sense of identity and shared purpose.

As students graduate and become alumni, they carry their challenge coins as symbols of their affiliation with Hallmark University and their shared experiences. These coins become cherished keepsakes, reminding alumni of their journey, the friendships formed, and the knowledge gained. They serve as a universal experience every student goes through, fostering connections among alumni and creating a stronger alumni network.


As the WIT coins continue to be cherished, they embody the enduring legacy of Hallmark University and the remarkable individuals who have shaped its history. The WIT coin tradition is a timeless symbol that solidifies Hallmark University’s mission statement: We change individual lives by developing superior skills, knowledge, and character.

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