Merlin III
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Swearingen Merlin III Donation Provides Wider Variety of Training for Students

It’s been a very exciting year for the College of Aeronautics. Three new aircraft have made their way to the college’s hangars, bringing the opportunity for students to work on a new array of planes and helicopters. To mark the most recent addition to the College of Aeronautics, a privately donated Swearingen Merlin III, Hallmark University held a dedication event to thank the donor for the incredible aircraft.

But how do new aircraft or engines make a difference in the program? The recent donation of the Merlin III is a great opportunity to detail exactly why the donation of any plane, engine or equipment makes an impact on the training students receive.

Expanding Training

The College of Aeronautics specializes in training new Aircraft Technicians for the aviation industry. Its how Hallmark University started in the 1960s, teaching students everything they needed to know about repairing and working on aircraft, and continues to do to this day. Every aircraft in the program gives students more experience and familiarity with the different planes they might encounter out in the world.

By having a diverse portfolio of aircraft for students to train on, the more familiar they will be with the thousands of different aircraft they might find themselves working on after graduating. The new Swearingen Merlin III, for example, is the first turbo-propeller powered aircraft in the university’s history, which will give students experience on this line of aircraft design. Merlin Donor

“Donations like these provide another way for us to teach students, to get students to learn on something new,” shares Kurt Leslie, Dean for the College of Aeronautics. “The Merlin III in particular gives us new opportunities to teach our curriculum, so students get more experience and a broader knowledge of aviation.”

Having so many new aircraft means that students will learn on a wider variety of aircraft and engines while training at the College of Aeronautics. Additionally, aircraft such as the Merlin III can provide students with new career paths with companies and service centers that work on specific aircraft.

“We service a wide range of aircraft, but we are responsible for servicing the Merlin III for the Army and Navy through government contracts,” Shared an M7 Aerospace representative. “Both branches have a small fleet of Merlins and they require our technicians to have previous work experience or get training as an original equipment manufacturer. We hire technicians who have previous experience or can complete this training.”

Donor Family and HU StaffPrivate and public organizations seek technicians with previous experience on aircraft they specialize in servicing, meaning aircraft used in the program, such as the Merlin III, can help students find new jobs faster after graduation.

“I had the Merlin for a couple of years, and I thought we could give it to somebody that could use it.” Shared the donor of the Merlin III. “I’m real glad that the students at Hallmark are going to benefit from this.”

Thank you to the donor of the Swearingen Merlin III. Students will begin training on an aircraft that may very well lead to career opportunities upon graduation. You have our most sincere thanks for this generous donation to the College of Aeronautics.


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