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Reduce Distractions while Studying at Home

Learning online can present a few challenges for students, mainly due to how distracting our home lives can be sometimes when we are trying to study. If you are finding it difficult to focus on your work while learning from home, here are a few suggestions to improve your focus and online learning experience.

Removing Electronic Distractions

You are probably tempted to keep your phone at your desk while studying and working on assignments. Keep it out of sight, put away your tablet, and stop checking social media while you are studying. Stay focused on what you have in front of you with as few electronic distractions as possible.

If you still find yourself opening new tabs and checking social media or the news, try downloading browser extensions such as StayFocusdto keep yourself in check.

Get a Still Background

It’s nice to see trees blowing in the wind, people walking their dogs down the street, and our kids playing in the living room; although they tend to distract us from what we are focusing on if they remain in our line of sight.

Take a second and look around the house for an open area against a wall that you can set your computer up against. A blank wall behind your monitor might seem a little boring, but a still background is less likely to take your attention away from your studies.


A noisy tv and loud cars driving down the street might interrupt your study sessions, but so can a silent home. Noises and sounds stand out even more in a near silent environment, easily stealing your attention away from what you are working on.

So, find yourself a pair of nice headphones and listen to a mellow playlist at a low volume or turn on the tv in another room to make abrupt noises stand out less.

Getting Prepared Ahead of Time

You are going to have a few moments where you get distracted by something outside of your control. You might get hungry, feel cold, or get restless sitting at your desk after a little while. Bring a snack to your desk, put on a hoodie, and try to go for a walk before sitting down to prevent these feelings from pulling you out of your focus.

Stop Creating Distractions

Sometimes we create our own distractions when we don’t feel motivated to study or complete assignments. We might start cleaning, browse social media, or focus on anything not school related. Despite what you might feel, you still need to learn new materials and work on assignments. So be sure to reward yourself with something you would like to do once you’ve finished studying for the day, such as playing games, seeing friends, or watching a movie.

You’ll look forward to getting your homework and studying done so you can get to something else fun or productive without relentless interruptions.

Keeping a Checklist

Take a few minutes to outline the assignments and quizzes you have for the week. Keeping a detailed list of everything will help you track of what to focus on first, and you can start working on assignments as you cover the topics in class. You’ll feel organized and satisfied checking everything off towards the end of the week.

Keeping a Clean Environment

A cluttered work environment sometimes gets the best of us, so be sure to keep your desk clear of empty mugs, scattered papers, and other items. A clean environment will motivate you more and distract you less than if you had to work with a messy desk.

Knowing what Keeps You from Studying

Use these tips to keep you focused while studying at home and remember that you know what takes your attention away from learning the most. Keep track of what distracts you so you can prepare for them the next time you sit down for your classes.

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