Student Studying

How to Study from Home

Flexibility, convenience, and the comfort of learning from home are just a few of the advantages that getting a degree online offers to students. But students that have made progress in their online programs know that these advantages do not mean it is easier. Students learning online take extra responsibility for their education than if they were learning in a typical classroom environment.

The following is a list of tips and suggestions for students who have transitioned into an online environment due to the Coronavirus. We know how difficult it can be to adapt to online learning, so we hope the following will help anyone who may be struggling with their classes to remain focused, productive, and motivated with their education while stuck at home.

Put away your Phone

You are probably tempted to keep your phone at your desk while studying and working on assignments. Keep it out of sight, put away your tablet, and stop checking social media while you are studying. Stay focused on what you have in front of you with as few electronic distractions as possible.

If you still find yourself opening new tabs and checking social media or the news, try downloading browser extensions such as StayFocusd or Work Mode to keep yourself in check.

Keep Up with a Daily Routine

Getting a late start on school and studying in relaxed clothing every day is tempting when stuck at home. Do that for too long, and you will start feeling less productive and energetic the longer it goes on. Be sure to go to bed and wake up at consistent times, get fully dressed after a shower, and brush your teeth after breakfast before you sit down and get to work.

Exercise Daily

You will need a couple of breaks throughout the day to get away from your desk, so be sure to take the time to work out. Exercise reduces stress, risks of chronic illnesses, and gives you a chance to clear your mind after studying for an extended period.

Make Goals to Study Everyday

You might feel burned out or unmotivated to sit down and work on assignments, but setting aside just 30 minutes a day can help you keep up with your schoolwork. Some days you may only get those 30 minutes done, or it could turn into a productive evening that puts you ahead of schedule. Stay consistent with your study habits, and it will change the way you complete your degree.

Keep in Touch

Don’t ignore the social aspects of classes and group projects. Join your scheduled lectures and discuss projects and materials for upcoming exams with your classmates. If you are having trouble studying remotely, be sure to get in touch with your instructor early on so you can discuss what to do.

Remember why you Started School

Why did you enroll in your program? To find a better career, provide for your family, or achieve a life goal – write it down and put it somewhere you can see when you sit down and start studying for the day. It will remind you why you made this commitment and motivate you to do your best.