Spring Graduation Series: William Barrett AAS A&P Graduate

Spring Graduation Series: William Barrett AAS A&P Graduate

William Barrett AAS A&P Graduate

After serving as an aircraft mechanic while serving in the United States Marine Core, William Barrett knew that aviation was a profession that he intended to follow. After leaving the Marine Corp, William spent time moving between different countries and cities inside the United States, eventually settling in San Antonio, Texas. But before he could pursue his aviation maintenance profession, William understood that he needed to receive a related degree.

After receiving a series of positive referrals and hearing about the positive reputation, William enrolled in Hallmark University’s Associate of Applied Science in Airframe & Powerplant Degree. During his career with Hallmark’s aviation program, William participated in Hallmark’s character training. And although he believes he already started with a good core value and character, he felt as though it has helped him to build more on them. “It is an excellent, excellent, thing that they are trying to do with it… so take it seriously and think everything through. Absorb as much as you can and build upon everything that you learn.”

After graduating, William announced that he intends to enroll in the class Hallmark University has developed in a partnership with Lockheed-Martin, in which graduates are trained to manufacture and assemble F-35 Lightning II, the premier fighter jet of the US Air Force. When asked why he specifically wanted to enroll in this program, William said, “It’s a great company and a great program, and this happens to be a great way to get a foot in…. I’ve talked to a few people that ended up in the program and all of them enjoy what they’re doing.”

Hallmark University

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