Spring Graduation Series: Nicole Sanchez AAS in Nursing

Spring Graduation Series: Nicole Sanchez AAS in Nursing

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After researching available nursing programs in San Antonio, Nicole Sanchez visited Hallmark University’s Technology Campus to learn more about the available Nursing Programs. And after learning more about our different areas of study and receiving a tour of the Nursing Lab, Nicole enrolled in the program that same day, and began her journey to receive her higher education.

During her search for a Nursing Program, Nicole had the intention of joining a university that would let her earn her degree sooner, something that Hallmark University is known for. “I liked the fact that it was an accelerated program, and I would be able to get my degree faster. Since I’m older, I wanted to make sure that I got it sooner and would be able to get back into the workforce in the career that I wanted to do.”

During Nicole’s time at Hallmark University, she found that professionals in the field of nursing were often impressed with the level of expertise and education that nursing students from Hallmark exhibited. “In clinical at South-West General, we were often told that our group in general versus some of the other groups that were at the clinical site were more thoroughly trained and had better education, in regards to what was going on in the clinical atmosphere, especially with the medical research. A lot of the nurses we were partnered with were impressed that we knew as much as we did and how we weren’t shy about wanting to try things out. Multiple times I had people tell us that they enjoyed working with us, we were one of the more prepared groups that would come to do clinical there.”

After graduation, Nicole began searching for her first position as an educated nurse, and found her new career quickly after finishing her education with Hallmark, and now works as a Nurse at St. Luke’s Methodist Hospital.

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