Michael BalesWith an interest in computer science stemming from his childhood, Michael Bales sought to earn a higher education and learn more about the software side of information technology. After a friend mentioned the quality of the IT programs at Hallmark University, Michael took a tour of the Information Campus and decided to enroll in the Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology, Microsoft.

During his career at Hallmark, he found that instructors from all of the different areas of study were personal and would offer advice and encouragement when it seemed needed. “Even if they’re not your teacher like Dr. Gomez, the business instructor, are very open to talk with. Mr. Moore from the Nursing Program is just really fun to talk to…. And they really emphasized the need to focus on certain parts of my college career. A lot of times, teachers would specifically say you need to focus on the character traits since it’s not just for work, it’s for how you see yourself. It’s a two-way road.”

But during his career, Michael found himself in a situation that required him to take a temporary leave of absence, resulting him in taking an entire semester off. But even when he felt that he would be too far behind, the support of students and staff helped him stay in the program. “I’m a very personal and outgoing person, I like to talk, and I enjoyed meeting students and faculty, every semester is new. I took a leave of absence at one time, and I got behind. But I could still keep in touch with all of the people I met who were still in the program. I always enjoy meeting new people. And to me, the teachers and faculty were all the same.” Michael has earned his Associates in Information Technology Degree and looks to pursue a Bachelor’s degree after beginning his new career.