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Can I get Financial Aid at Hallmark University?

Yes. Hallmark University is approved for federal financial aid, scholarships, and U.S. veterans benefits.

Are you accredited?

Yes, Hallmark is accredited through the ACCSC(Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges).

How long are your class semesters/terms?

Our terms are 8 weeks long. This allows us to have 6 terms a year so there is no need to wait to apply.

Is Hallmark a 2 year or 4 year University?

We offer associate, bachelor, and master level degrees. We are not a trade school and we offer degrees which are found at both 2 year and 4 year colleges/universities. The biggest difference is that our degrees can be completed in nearly half the time of traditional universities.

Bachelor of Science inNursing (BSN for RNs)

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing completion program (BSN for RNs) expands knowledge in areas of research, theory, leadership, community concepts, healthcare policy, therapeutic interventions, and current trends in healthcare. The program offers coursework that is specifically designed for students to increase their understanding of advanced nursing roles.

Degree Requirements:

  • Registered Nurse (RN) License
  • Associate Degree in Nursing (Unless otherwise approved by Director of Program)
  • 30 Semester Credit Hours of General Education including:
    • 1 Course in Composition
    • 1 Course in Mathematics
    • 1 Course in Speech/Oral Communications
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14 Month

Our innovative BSN for RNs program allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree in nearly half the time of other universities, and from anywhere in the U.S.

Classes Start
Every 8 Weeks

Our BSN programs are enrolling now and start every 8 weeks so that you don’t have to wait to advance your career. Begin a better future by contacting us today.

100% Online

Designed with the working professional in mind, our online BSN program allows you to experience the Hallmark advantage from anywhere in the United States.

"With Hallmark, with their fast pace, I think that really prepares you for being a nurse. You have to have that mental and physical fortitude, and with the program, the fast pace really helped us out a lot."

David Tweggs

"Not only are you learning the theory, you're learning the practical application behind what you are learning, while you are learning it."

Ashley Rodriguez

Program Outcomes
  • Provide collaborative effective and efficient leadership roles in the provision, delegation, and supervision of nursing care while retaining accountability for favorable outcomes, client safety, and the quality of that care.
  • Integrate theories and knowledge from the arts, humanities, sciences, and nursing to develop a foundation for nursing practice.
  • Organize the interdisciplinary health care needs of diverse populations across the lifespan toward achieving the goal of healthy individuals, families, groups, and communities.
  • Assimilate current evidence into the practice of nursing. Effective application of technology integration as appropriate in all client care.
  • Advocate for improving health care across various cultures and communities. Organize health promotions across populations with sound knowledge of healthcare finance, policy, and regulatory environments.
  • Demonstrate a high level of inter-professional, inter-personal communication and collaborative professional care that is congruent with the inherent values, ethics, and behaviors of the discipline of nursing.
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Industry Outlook

New nurse graduates that are having a difficult time being hired may have an easier time finding a job with a BSN. A change in hiring practices at many hospitals has resulted in hiring BSNs first, or only BSNs.


The National Advisory Council on Nurse Education and Practice recommends that at least ⅔ of the nurse workforce have at least a BSN.

Several states have introduced bills that would make having a BSN a legal requirement to become a nurse.

There is a trend towards hiring only BSNs in the future – many hospitals are requiring any nurses with an associate’s degree to earn their BSN by 2020.

The Institute of Medicine is recommending that all nurses with associate’s degrees and diplomas be required to earn their BSN within five years.

Registered nursing positions are growing over 50% faster than all occupations combined.

The outlook is promising for those entering the healthcare job market as registered nurses, job growth is projected at 12% for 2018-2028.

The growth rate is also great for other healthcare professions, with Health Diagnosing and Treating Practitioners at 13%, which is much greater than the 5% average of all occupations combined.

Data gathered from

job outlook graph
Salaries for registered nurses are almost 2x the average of all occupations combined.

The BLS reports that registered nurses’ median annual wages are $73,300 which is drastically better than the total of all occupations at $39,810. The highest 10 percent earned more than $111,220 highlighting the promising future nurses have.

Data gathered from


Annual salary graph

Our commitment to changing education does not end at innovative programs and student experience. We are committed to making education affordable by offering programs at a competitive tuition cost with a unique value proposition – spend less time in school, and more time making money.


Our fast-paced model allows students to go through our bachelor of science in nursing (RN to BSN) in just 14 months. This is almost two times faster than the average for BSN completions in 24 months. Studies have shown that on average, every year spent at a university can cost over $50,000 in lost wages and tuition – that’s nearly $124,000 in savings at Hallmark University.

Hallmark University


Month BSN Degree


National Average


Month BSN Degree


Earn a BSN

Nearly 2x

Faster at Hallmark
Tuition Costs

Cost per credit hourTotal credit hours

*Tuition does not include any additional fees


Financial aid is available.

Hallmark University is approved for federal financial aid, scholarships, and U.S. veterans benefits.

Learn more about financial options at Hallmark University.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements (see General Requirements), in order to be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Science Nursing degree program, an applicant must meet all of following additional entrance requirements:
1. Verification of completion of an undergraduate degree program on an official transcript from an accredited college or university in a nursing program with a minimum of 60 credit hours.
2. Have earned a current unencumbered registered nursing license in the United States.
3. Verification of completion of at least 30 credit hours in Arts and Science that must include at least 3 credit hours in each of the following disciplines:

  • Composition/Rhetoric
  • Quantitative Principles/Mathematics
  • Humanities/Fine Arts
  • Oral Communications
  • Behavior/Social Science
  • Natural/Physical Science

Applicants are required to submit a typed essay stating the purpose for pursuing a bachelor’s degree and personal goals as a student in the program and as a future graduate.

Nurse with Syringe
Program Outline

The curriculum will prepare students to function as members of healthcare teams in many settings. Graduates are also prepared to enter MSN programs after completion.

Going Beyond Clinical Skills

  • Community Concepts
  • Healthcare policy
  • Leadership
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Current trends in healthcare
In structor and students working in simulation lab
  • BSN for RNs
    Course #Course Title
    NURS 3510

    Professional, Legal, & Ethical Issues in Nursing Practice

    In this course, students analyze important concepts of professionalism and professional values in nursing practice. The social, legal, ethical, cultural and inter-professional context of nursing practice is presented. Contemporary issues in professional nursing practice are presented including informatics, health care delivery, policy, financing, and nursing management across the health-illness continuum, across the lifespan, and in all healthcare settings.

    NURS 3520

    Comprehensive Health Assessment

    This course focuses on the health assessment component of the nursing practice using a lifespan approach. Integration of health assessment skills methods will be explored within the dimensions of pathophysiologic changes that occur during alterations in health. Considerations for health assessment will include growth and development, the psychological, socio-cultural and spiritual health of individuals.

    NURS 3530


    This course provides a study of variations in physiologic functioning and alterations in the physiologic response of body systems. The course addresses physiologic changes that will help identify alterations in body systems and their relationship to the patient’s state of health. Topics include altered cell functioning, genetic disorders, risk factors, health promotion, and disease prevention.

    NURS 3540

    Cultural Issues in Nursing Practice

    This course focuses on culture and its impact on health care delivery at the individual, community, and system levels. This course is designed to raise awareness, inspire action, and to open discussion of cultural issues affecting professional nursing practice. Students examine topics of cultural and gender bias, ethnocentrism, cultural blindness, cultural imposition, legal trends, as well as select ethical and moral issues and dilemmas encountered when caring for culturally diverse patients and families.

    NURS 3545

    Nursing Informatics

    This course is the foundation for the improvement of effective nursing practice and patient outcomes through the application of patient care technology, knowledge, regulations, and understanding of the history, terminology, and impact of informatics to the promotion of nursing professionalism in patient care and safety. The focus is on the integration of nursing, information and communication management, and information science for the support of excellent professional nursing practice. Students will be able to define nursing informatics and information science. This course will also give students awareness of and information on ethical considerations and applications in nursing informatics use of social networking tools, handheld computers, and e-portfolios in healthcare environments.

    NURS 3460

    Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice

    This course emphasizes the importance and application of nursing research and scholarship for evidence-based nursing practice. The elements of the research process are utilized to appraise and translate scientific evidence to solve nursing practice issues. Focuses on critical thinking and writing skills that enable the student to develop competencies as a consumer of research, and sharing evidence of best practices with the inter-professional team.

    NURS 4410

    Health Promotion

    Focuses on nursing care of specialized individuals and populations. The course explores the concepts of health promotion and the application of health promotion concepts to nursing practice to enable the client to control and improve health outcomes. Different influences on individual and community health systems are analyzed. Includes the importance of population health promotion, along with clinical prevention, throughout the lifespan and the assistance of individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations to prepare for and minimize health consequences of emergencies, including mass casualty disasters.

    NURS 4420

    Nursing Leadership Practice

    Focuses on nursing leadership including developing and refining knowledge, skills, and attitudes in working within organizational and community arenas. It also focuses on the actual provision of care and/or supervising the care provided by other licensed and non-licensed assistive personnel. Examines nursing leadership and management through the use of a systems approach with a focus on the quality and safety of client care. Discusses leadership models, behavior, and strategic planning at various organizational levels.

    NURS 4530

    Gerontology Nursing

    This course provides a foundation for nursing practice with older adults across the spectrum of health, illness, and care settings. The more subtle presentation of disease and the importance of functional and geriatric-specific assessment tools, as well as an interdisciplinary approach to care, is thoroughly discussed. There is an emphasis in this course on early recognition of the geriatric syndromes, preventing a downward spiral of disability, and facilitating function and quality of life for the older adult. ANA Gerontological Standards of Care, Institute of Medicine (IOM), and QSEN recommendations for improvements in quality and safety provide the framework for this course. Nurses completing this course will be able to incorporate Best Practices for managing pain, falls, delirium, dementia, malnutrition, incontinence, and polypharmacy when caring for older adults.

    NURS 4540

    Population-Based Nursing

    This course focuses on an analysis of the nursing role as it relates to population-based health. The course addresses nursing theories, public health ethics, and nursing advocacy. Topics include the importance of health promotion and prevention across the lifespan, vulnerable populations, global health considerations, and the role of nursing in disaster settings.

    NURS 4550


    This course provides a study of pharmacologic principles as they relate to nursing. Medications are addressed, by classification, through the integration of pathophysiological indications for use, the anticipated side effects, and the impact on the health of the individual. Specific instruction is provided regarding the safety of medication administration, principles of risk reduction, and patient/family teaching across the lifespan.

    NURS 4560

    Health Care Delivery Systems

    This course provides perspectives on health care delivery past, present, and future. It also addresses the impact of health care issues on health care delivery including the determinants of health to include insurance costs, applications for health professions, and the need of comprehensive planning and its impact on the future. Healthcare policy, finance, and regulatory environments will be discussed. This course will encourage the formulation and evaluation of potential solutions to some of the most urgent health care delivery issues facing the U.S. today.

    SPCH 3321

    Advanced Professional Communications

    This course focuses on refining and advancing the practice of speech communication in professional situations. This course will emphasize communication styles and approaches operative in today’s workplace environment. The focus will be the application and evaluation of theories through case analysis and discussion. Students will have the opportunity to engage in self-assessment of communication competence and learn strategies for enhancing their abilities. Problems in the context of professional communication will be identified and theory-based solutions generated. Topics include presentation skills, business document writing, meeting and management team strategies, business etiquette, and advanced employment communications.

Can I get Financial Aid at Hallmark University?

Yes. Hallmark University is approved for federal financial aid, scholarships, and U.S. veterans benefits.

Are you accredited?

Yes, Hallmark is accredited through the ACCSC(Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges).

How long are your class semesters/terms?

Our terms are 8 weeks long. This allows us to have 6 terms a year so there is no need to wait to apply.

Is Hallmark a 2 year or 4 year University?

We offer associate, bachelor, and master level degrees. We are not a trade school and we offer degrees which are found at both 2 year and 4 year colleges/universities. The biggest difference is that our degrees can be completed in nearly half the time of traditional universities.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Our Admissions Professionals are working safely and are ready to help you enroll. Classes start August 28th!