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SA to DC: Hallmark University President Travels to Support Delegation for San Antonio Regional Needs

Hallmark University President Brent Fessler along with a delegation of business and civic leaders from San Antonio traveled to Washington D.C. this week to help bring local issues to the forefront of Congress. The goal of the delegation was to speak with legislators, administration officials, and government agencies about the essential needs of the San Antonio community and offer effective response plans that will resonate with the DC officials to help improve our city.

The delegation met with a number of government officials including the Russell Shilling, Director of STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math education) for the Department of Education, who connected the delegation to new opportunities that could benefit San Antonio STEM initiatives. Last summer, San Antonio STEM advocacy group SASTEMIC hosted youth summer camps at Hallmark University where kids of varying ages learned the importance of STEM through various projects including building and programming robots.

Will Hurd and University President, Brent Fessler

A slew of topics was discussed over the week including adequate education policies for cyber technology and cybersecurity. At the head of this discussion was Representative Will Hurd, a former CIA officer extremely concerned with the state of our country’s cyber defenses. Hurd discussed a number of issues including US response to digital attacks and the need for cybersecurity education.

Texas Representative from San Antonio Lamar Smith attended SA to DC events including a discussion where he expanded on issues that both Republicans and Democrats can work together on this session. Smith is Chairman of the Science, Space, and Technology committee which oversees budgets related to technology sectors, like aeronautics, and has oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Attending the event, along with Hallmark University President Fessler, was Intergovernmental Relations Director for the City of San Antonio Jeff Coyle, City Manager Sheryl Sculley plus City Council members, Rey Saldana and Alan Warrick.