Donated Rolls Royce engines 2018
College of Aeronautics Receives Thirteen Rolls-Royce Spey Jet Engines

The College of Aeronautics at Hallmark University recently received thirteen Rolls-Royce Spey engines in a donation from Norm Hill Aviation. These turbofan engines will be used to provide more real-world experience for our students enrolled in the Airframe & Powerplant Degree program. These engines power many popular aircraft in use today, which range from attack aircraft to private business jets.

Earlier in the year, Hallmark received the popular Gulfstream III (GIII) business jet to develop new curriculum and training programs for aviation students. GIII developer Gulfstream Aerospace made certain technologies and equipment available for students to use during their training on the aircraft. This particular business jet utilizes the Rolls-Royce Spey engines, opening a unique opportunity for students at Hallmark University to more closely learn about this engine type while working on the Gulfstream III.

Donated Rolls Royce engine being unloaded“The students were so excited, watching as the engines were unloaded off the trucks.” Said Doretta Gutierrez, Dean for the College of Aeronautics. “We are diligently working to develop projects and acquire stands and equipment for them to begin working on these engines. They are anxiously anticipating the day the projects on these engines will begin.”

This donation is the most recent for Hallmark’s A&P Program, which has received several other aeronautical assets this past year such as the GIII and the CFM56 from Southwest Airlines. Every donation to the College of Aeronautics further enhances our Airframe & Powerplant program, which is rated the best in Texas and one of the best throughout the United States.

Madison Iszler from the San Antonio Express-News visited the College of Aeronautics and reported on the new programs and donations Hallmark University has received in the last year.