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Hallmark University President and CEO Joe Fisher Joins Expert Discussion at the San Antonio Business Journal

There are many issues with higher education that impede student’s ability to achieve in their professional careers after investing time, money, and their will to succeed in their academic studies. Utilizing outdated delivery models and lacking the specialized training necessary for students to thrive in today’s job market or workforce has left many unprepared after graduating from higher education. The San Antonio Business Journal hosted a round table discussion with representatives from several leading San Antonio institutions to share how universities are adapting to the evolving needs of students and industry. Hallmark University’s President and CEO Joe Fisher joined the discussion, detailing how Hallmark continuously aligns program curriculum to address these challenges.

“Education acts as a partner in the San Antonio business community,” said Joe Fisher. “As a partner, we need to engage the industry and ask, ‘what is it exactly that you need?’ We do this so we can adjust our curriculum to reflect what the industry needs our graduates to be specialized in, which gets our students what they need to be experts in their chosen career field. We have a responsibility to both students and industry, and we are consistently refining programs to address the needs in each of these crucial areas.”

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Students are prepared for industry needs because of this valuable classroom input from industry experts. Mr. Fisher shared that planning and reviewing programs in this manner is how Hallmark engages both areas, guaranteeing that employers hire knowledgeable employees and students excel in their desired career after graduation. After listening to input from the representatives, the San Antonio Business Journal’s President and Publisher Jimmy Holmes shared with the attendees his view on local institutions.

“I’ve been in San Antonio for six years now, and I have seen a dramatic increase in universities working with employers,” said Jimmy Holmes. “So the dialogue between both parties is happening, and these universities are reacting to the needs of the business community and industry in general. San Antonio is a very collaborative place, and I am impressed with how quickly higher education is responding to the needs that we have here.”


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