Dr. Michael Phillips, VP of Academic Affairs

Michael Phillips Joins Hallmark University as University Provost

Hallmark University was proud to appoint Dr. Michael Phillips as the new University Provost. Dr. Phillips’ role will oversee the academic quality and integrity of the classroom experience for all programs offered at Hallmark University.
Dr. Phillips has worked in higher education for over twenty-five years, operating in both academic and leadership roles. He most recently worked for a large non-traditional institution where he oversaw the compliance, academic quality, and faculty development of multiple campuses located in the United States.

“My first career out of college was sales and marketing which I did for ten years,” said Michael Phillips, University Provost of Hallmark University. “But I decided to go into counseling and got my Masters, but I didn’t want to do that full time. I went and taught for different schools as an adjunct (instructor), and I learned that I loved to teach and that was my passion. I also started my own consulting business and taught on the side for five years and was asked to come in full time as a department chair. I’ve progressively advanced from that role, and it’s a culmination of what I’ve learned from sales to counseling to consulting. I like consulting and just helping determine what a requirement for a successful organization is, and in this case what is successful academics.”

Dr. Phillips supplied guidance in the pursuit of providing quality academic, faculty development, and leadership mentoring programs in his most recent position. His previous experiences provide him with insight on opportunities within Hallmark University.

“I think one of the things I focused on in my last career was the importance of developing people and providing the inspiration for people to get what they want. My goal is to make sure that we have a plan in place that provides for faculty development, which we need to have continuously. The better our faculty gets, the better our classroom experience is. The better the classroom experience, the better the learning experience, the more successful the students can be. That’s what we’re all about, helping them be successful and achieve their goals, and ultimately going into the career that they want to go into. So I think it all starts with us having trained and developed faculty that are prepared to be able to do that.”

Dr. Phillips is proud to be able to help students develop as they undergo the process of higher education, and is an advocate for lifelong learning. Dr. Phillips has completed a Bachelors in Business Administration, a Masters in Counseling, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. Dr. Phillips and his wife have two grown children who are both accomplished actors.