Dr. Chuck Rodriguez, Executive Director of Hallmark Consulting Group, 2018
Dr. Chuck Rodriguez joins Hallmark University as the Executive Director of Hallmark Consulting Group

Chancellor Joe Fisher recently appointed Chuck Rodriguez as the Executive Director of Hallmark Consulting Group (HCG). Chuck Rodriguez’s assignments include the incorporation of HCG activities into Hallmark University’s School of Business courses. These courses will interwork HCG projects such as business case studies, running mock companies, and analyzing contemporary business news involving for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations.

Chuck Rodriguez served in the United States Armed Forces for a total of thirty-three years and retired at the rank of Major General in 2010. His extensive military career included service from 2005-2009 as the first Hispanic-American Adjutant General of the State of Texas in Austin, responsible as CEO of a civilian state-wide agency called the Texas Military Forces and in command of more than 22,000 Army and Air Force Guardsmen and members of the Texas State Guard. Dr. Rodriguez’ career outside of the military includes more than twenty-four years as a higher education administrator and adjunct faculty member. This included his service as Development Vice President for the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities in San Antonio and Chief of Staff & VP for Strategic Initiatives & Military Community Development for six years at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Dr. Rodriguez’ initial assignment includes updating the Business School’s curriculum so that it better integrates Hallmark Consulting Group principles.

“We’re improving the course of study throughout all courses in the School of Business so that students understand how to research, classify, and analyze relevant information that will help a business solve its operational challenges – the same kind of work required of consulting team members who work on contract for many different kinds of organizations,” said Chuck Rodriguez, Executive Director of Hallmark Consulting Group. “While we are not formally educating our students to become consultants, our business students will become equipped with knowledge and practical professional business skills through their HCG learning activities to help any business they may work for or establish to improve its performance.”

Mr. Rodriguez learned about Hallmark University after meeting President Brent Fessler in 2015 and was invited to learn more about the university.

“I was attracted to Hallmark when Brent explained the University’s purpose – to help students find their own greater purpose based on education aligned with Biblical principles. This is a unique higher educational purpose and one I believe in’” said Chuck Rodriguez.  “We’re serving a student population that might find it difficult to succeed at other institutions. At Hallmark, our students benefit from responsive support from faculty and staff, individual attention, early intervention, and regular advice on a very personal level. They are unlikely to encounter all of this at any other college.”

Dr. Rodriguez earned a BS degree in Electrical Engineering & Spanish Literature from West Point, an MA in Communications Research and Marketing Strategy for Non-Profit Organizations from Wheaton College (IL), an MBA in Marketing and General Management from Keller Graduate School of Management (IL), and a Ph.D. in Philanthropic Leadership Studies from The Union Institute & University (OH). He also has active IT certifications in Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Security, and Networking. He has been married for 42 years to his wife Cappy, who is also an Army retiree. Their son and daughter live near San Antonio and both have children of their own.