Joe Fisher Photo
President and CEO Joe Fisher named one of the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in the United States by The CEO Publication

The CEO Publication recognizes leaders who have transformed the lives of people and organizations alike, ranking the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs throughout the United States every year. Recognized for his passion and leadership in higher education, Hallmark University’s President and CEO Joe Fisher was named one of the most dynamic CEOs by The CEO Publication for his role in transforming Hallmark University into an institution that can carry out its mission; to change individual lives by developing superior skills, knowledge, and character.


Joe Fisher has spent the past 29 years passionately committed to the development of excellence in higher education. That passion has focused on innovation in education delivery and creating methods for producing excellence and character in the future workforce. Joe’s passion for the university’s mission of changing lives and its core values of excellence, effectiveness, efficiency, and integrity have helped transform the institution into what it is today.

Joe’s leadership and vision at Hallmark University has helped change the lives of thousands throughout the years since the institution’s founding in 1969. Joe encourages fellow leaders in higher education to understand how students measure the value of their college education, especially after they have graduated and entered the workforce.

He says that once you know your student’s measure of success, ensure that it becomes yours as well. Joe believes that if students fail in their education, then Hallmark University has failed as an educator. The only measurement of success at Hallmark University is the success of its graduates.

To learn more about Joe Fisher and his designation as one of 2020’s Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in the United States, visit The CEO Publication here.