HU Receives High Score for Graduation Rates

HU Receives High Score for Graduation Rates

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San Antonio, Texas – June 19, 2017 – The United States Department of Education recently updated its College Scorecard showing that as of January 2017, Hallmark University has the third highest graduation rate amongst nonprofit universities in San Antonio. According to the scorecard, Trinity University came in at number one, St. Mary’s University at number two, Hallmark University at number three, University of the Incarnate Word at number four, and Our Lady of the Lake University at number five. Additionally, the scorecard revealed that Hallmark University has a higher graduation rate than any public college or university in San Antonio and an above average graduation rate when compared to all colleges and universities in the United States.
The department’s website states that, “The U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard has the most reliable data on college costs, graduation, and post-college earnings.” The Scorecard defines graduation rates as “The graduation rate within 150 percent of the expected time to completion (typically six years for schools that award predominantly four-year degrees and three years for schools that award predominantly two-year degrees). These rate are only for full-time students enrolled for the first time.”
Hallmark University President Brent Fessler stated, “These graduation findings are consistent with the value we place upon each of our students, and our active commitment to seeing them not only walk the stage but achieve their life and career goals. We have a saying around HU that we do ‘Whatever It Takes’. Hallmark graduates continue to set themselves apart as this persistence and character to complete college translates into professional traits that employers desire most.” The scorecard also reported that Hallmark has a lower average annual cost of attendance than most other nonprofit universities in San Antonio, and a cost lower than the national average of all colleges and universities in the nation.
These scorecard revelations follow another recent discovery in a study conducted by the Equality of Opportunity Project which showed that Hallmark graduates received a higher rate of income increase after completing their programs than graduates from any other college or university in San Antonio. This study, which analyzed income mobility based on public tax records, was published in The New York Times. Click HERE to read the full article on Hallmark’s income mobility ranking.

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