What the New Hallmark University Online Provides to the Nation

Hallmark University is committed to its mission to change higher education by creating degree programs that are affordable, faster, and designed with practical outcomes in mind. The results from Hallmark University’s unique education model have benefitted many over the last 50 years. Because of the incredible success in their on-ground offerings, Hallmark University is expanding to offer graduate and undergraduate degrees 100% online.

The new Hallmark University Online provides anyone who wishes to pursue higher education the ability to do so, no matter their location. Many of the degree programs Hallmark offers are now available online, providing a new option for many individuals looking to receive an education in the areas Hallmark specializes in. In addition to offering extremely affordable degrees, Hallmark University Online has tuition cost discounts for Active Duty Military. This medium offers more individuals access to our accelerated and outcome-focused program outside of San Antonio, ensuring that more people can save time and money while earning their degree on a more flexible schedule.

“A lot of students request online studies due to their work schedule and need the flexibility,” said Dr. Michael Phillips, University Provost for Hallmark University. “Doing so allows us to serve and to help a bigger student body and demographics, which allows us to impact more people. By going online, we can offer our programs outside of San Antonio, outside of Texas, and outside of the country. It gives us the ability to go all over the world. So the impact we can make in our programs and be able to fulfill our mission, it allows us to do that in a bigger way.”

Classes for Hallmark University Online have officially begun, with the first cohort of students enrolled in the new online platform now completing their first term. While not all core offerings are available online, these new offerings pave the way for massive growth at Hallmark University for the next 50 years and beyond.