On June 8, 2017, teachers from NEISDAlamo STEM Workforce Coalition leaders, and Hallmark University faculty met at Hallmark University to collaborate on innovative educational ideas designed to better equip San Antonio students in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The group’s aim is to increase the number of students entering STEM-related industries via attractive educational paths and to inject STEM-related industries with professionals that have been pre-equipped with in-demand knowledge and skill sets.

Six information technology teachers from San Antonio’s North East Independent School District met with faculty from Hallmark’s School of Information Technology and Dr. Dave Splitek of the Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition at Hallmark’s Main Campus. Nine teachers from NEISD’s Krueger, Roosevelt, Madison, and Automotive Tech Academy locations joined Cecilio Rodriguez (Director of Aviation) and Juan Bazan (Assistant Director of Aviation) at Hallmark’s College of Aeronautics.  As part of their continuing education requirements, the teachers received guidance from Hallmark faculty regarding best practices when building a student’s scholastic foundation, and a better understanding of the job roles and skills needed for students to be successful when entering into STEM-related industries.

According to the Texas Association of Workforce Boards, “the goal of the Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition is to provide teachers with professional development opportunities designed to increase student awareness of in-demand jobs in the Alamo region to be better prepared for such occupations. In turn, employers will gain a competitive edge due to the rising number of students entering STEM degree pathways, thereby contributing to the future workforce and economic growth of the San Antonio region.”

For more information on the Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition, please visit http://tawb.org/alamo-stem-workforce-coalition/

For more information on the Texas Association of Workforce Boards, please visit tawb.org