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Hallmark University’s College of Aeronautics Has Been Chosen by F-35 Creator Lockheed Martin for new Training Program

On January 22nd, 2018, Hallmark University and Lockheed Martin met at Hallmark’s Aeronautics Campus for the unveiling of a new training program. The result of a new partnership, Hallmark University was chosen to deliver a proprietary new training program for F-35 creator Lockheed Martin, designed to train Hallmark University graduates to assemble new fighter planes. Lockheed Martin is increasing production of the F-35 from 66 to 200 planes per year, resulting in their training facilities to reach capacity and the need to hire 1800 new employees over the next 18 months.

Now Lockheed Martin has formed this partnership with Hallmark University to assist in training new employees to work specifically on the F-35, with successful candidates being offered employment at Lockheed Martin immediately after completing their training. With this program’s training length being only two weeks, students that have been accepted are at the forefront of a new and exciting opportunity.

With dedicated classroom space and new proprietary technology being used, this program has the potential to become a regional site for Lockheed Martin training, setting the precedent for a new partnership between Hallmark University and Lockheed Martin.

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