Aeronautics Graduate, Jon Nelson posing with Stan Younger,Dean of the College of Aeronautics and Joe Fisher, president and CEO of Hallmark University
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Jon Nelson is the latest recipient of the Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship, an award given to aviation graduates who exemplify Hallmark University’s Character Education Program. The Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship is given to students based on their performance in school and a review of the recipient’s Hallmark Character Traits.

Jon’s love for aviation grew from watching his grandfather work on the first-ever B-2 stealth bomber when he was a boy. Jon began his search for an aeronautics program and decided on Hallmark University because of its faith-based foundation and integration of key character traits – something he felt a kinship with after serving in the military. He began in December of 2020.

Jon said, “The school has done a tremendous job. The faculty and staff helped prepare me so that when I had the opportunity that the school provided to go get my license and testing done, I was ready for it. This is my first aviation job ever, so I wasn’t going into it not knowing anything other than what I was taught.”

As the 7th recipient of the Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship, Jon Nelson has hit the ground running at Textron Aviation with his new toolset provided by the scholarship.

“We chose Jon because of his attention to the gift of mentorship,” said Stan Younger, the Younger Family Bright Lights Scholarship founder and Dean of the College of Aeronautics. “He hit all the right marks you want of any student; great attendance and high GPA, but his character really stood out to me. Not only because of his success in mentoring students but also his leadership of the mentorship team. On top of that, he has also earned Character with Distinction at Hallmark.”

Jon plans to continue to excel at Textron Aviation and has his eye on furthering his career and continuing his educational journey with a bachelor’s degree at Hallmark University.

As for the scholarship, Jon says, “The award means a lot to me because it’s not only going to help me out financially with the tools that are required, but I feel like it’s kind of a badge of honor as an alumnus of Hallmark University. That’s something I’ll always try to hold high and represent the school well.”

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