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Because of our commitment to offering programs that will give our graduates the best opportunity for success, we only offer programs that lead directly to a promising outcome. However, all of our programs have a strong foundation of academic courses expected with any higher education degree.

This year we’re sharing the stories of a few of our graduates whose lives have been greatly affected by attending Hallmark University. From students that graduate with a 4-year degree before even turning 21, to professionals who come back to school for a sudden mid-career change. We’re proud to help all of our graduates get the education they need to pursue the career they desire in less time and at a lower cost than most universities.

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Graduate Stories

Eric Davalos

Eric Davalos joined Hallmark University after receiving our Martin Luther King Jr. scholarship, enrolling in our B.S. in Cybersecurity program. Eric is one of many graduates who has benefited from our accelerated degree programs, finishing his Bachelor degree before turning 21. Eric has stated that Hallmark University has helped build him into a professional capable of changing his life and earning the career he desired.

Toni Illy Robinson

Toni joined Hallmark University to pursue a life-long dream of becoming an aircraft mechanic and has excelled in her role since graduating in 2016 Magnum Cum Laude. What makes her story so unique is her decision to resign from her position as the Assistant Vice President of a major banking institution to pursue her dream, stating it as the greatest thing she has ever done for herself.

Franchial Barnes

Franchial enrolled in Hallmark University’s Medical Assistant program, looking to receive her Associate degree. She experienced challenging moments during her career in higher education but received the support she needed from our faculty to graduate as part of the dean’s list with a 3.8 GPA. Franchial currently encourages and supports others who are looking to receive their post-secondary education.

Janie Delgado

A single, hardworking mother, Janie Delgado came to Hallmark University to receive an education to provide her family with the life they deserve. Janie’s instructors have inspired and motivated her to develop the skills she needs to pursue the career she wants in life. Despite life’s unexpected setbacks, Janie demonstrated her commitment to completing her college career and was chosen for our Character with Distinction award during her graduation.

David Meriwether

David Meriwether attended our School of IT and began working for USAA after graduating. When David informed his supervisor that he was resigning to open his own business, she presented him with a coffee mug and a business card holder that read “Character” and “Integrity” respectively. She explained that these were the two things that stood out to her the most, and is described as a pivot point in David’s life when these traits were instilled in him during his time at Hallmark University.

Luis Falcon

Luis enrolled in Hallmark University’s College of Aeronautics after finishing high school at 18. Luis was not only chosen for an apprenticeship with Textron Aviation during his studies, employed full time after graduating before turning 20, but also found his attitude had changed dramatically during his 18 months at Hallmark. Luis cites Hallmark University’s Character Trait Program as helping him develop a brighter attitude and professional manner.