University president Brent Fessler ant Aerospace impact study 2018
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Hallmark University’s Role in the Future of San Antonio’s Aeronautics Industry

The San Antonio Chamber of Commerce presented its findings for their 2018 Aerospace Impact Study on December 6th, 2018. The study highlighted the impact the aerospace industry has on the San Antonio economy and the projected growth of the industry over the next 20 years. Researchers for the study indicated that nearly 32,000 people are employed directly or indirectly by aerospace in the region, assisting in the generation of a $3.4 billion aerospace industry in San Antonio.

Hallmark University’s President Brent Fessler attended the event and discussed the importance of finding new talent for the industry during a panel discussion with representatives from Boeing Company and Standard Aero.

“The job market here in San Antonio is definitely trending up,” said Brent Fessler. “There’s a lot of growth and contracts from the employers here in San Antonio, so we’re working hard to recruit more students both from high school, early college, and adult students as well.”

Panel discussion at Aerospace Impact Study 2018Aircraft manufacturer Boeing Company discussed predictions for market growth reaching $8.8 trillion over the next 20 years and highlighted growing need to nearly double its workforce at their Port San Antonio Facility to nearly 2,000 employees over the next 18 – 24 months. Many jobs in the San Antonio area focus on maintenance, repair, and overhaul areas, with many companies searching for talented new employees such as Textron Aviation, StandardAero, and other companies operating in Port San Antonio.

Hallmark University’s role in training and supplying the next generation of Aircraft Technicians has become more crucial than ever. The university educates students with hands-on training programs at their College of Aeronautics located at the San Antonio International Airport. The Airframe & Powerplant Program is ranked as the best in the State of Texas based on aeronautics graduates passing their FAA exams.

KSAT12 reported on the future expansion of the Boeing facility at Port San Antonio and how Hallmark University is assisting aerospace companies in finding their new aeronautics technicians. Watch the video segment HERE.
Shari Biediger for the Rivard Report detailed the Aerospace Impact Assessment on San Antonio and discussed the importance of community preparation for coordinated growth. Read the Rivard Report’s article HERE.

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