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Hallmark University Formally Announces Eastside Cyberforce Prime

**Due to low community interest in the program, the second cohort for Eastside Cyberforce Prime has been suspended indefinitely**

Hallmark University held its formal information and recruiting event for its free cybersecurity training program called “Eastside Cyberforce Prime” on March 29th. Industry partners, community members, and media representatives gathered in the Ella Austin Community Center auditorium to learn more about the program and benefits from this unique opportunity. Hallmark’s leadership and industry partners concluded the event by providing tours of the facilities to potential candidates and supporters who share Hallmark University’s vision for San Antonio’s east side.

Eastside cyber force prime open house guestsEastside Cyberforce Prime will provide a pathway for talented individuals to enter San Antonio’s cybersecurity industry at no cost to them. Accepted applicants will be enrolled in an 8-week IT Boot Camp where they will learn the fundamentals of IT and earn two industry certifications. Those who complete the IT Boot Camp will be accepted directly into the BS in Cybersecurity degree at Hallmark University and interview with partner employers such as IPSecure and Accenture to work in the field while earning their degree.

Hallmark University’s decision to develop this program stems from San Antonio’s increasingly involved role in cybersecurity, as military and government offices focused on defense intelligence sectors continue opening in the community. But certain areas of the city do not have an established or accessible path to this promising field despite rapid growth in the industry. Eastside Cyberforce Prime is designed to bridge this gap by introducing a pathway for talented individuals to enter cybersecurity at no cost to them.

Eastside cyber force prime open house “Hallmark University is on a deliberate journey to increase the talent pipeline within the inner city communities of San Antonio,” said Brandon Logan, a member of Hallmark University’s Board of Trustees and CEO of Urban Capital Partners, Inc. “As a Trustee of this great Institution, I feel a moral obligation to ensure our educational assets are being delivered, in a meaningful way, into areas where the investment capital is lacking. Our university believes in the human potential that resides in the urban core, which is why we are proud to invest in opening a cybersecurity training center on the east side.”


eastside cyberforce prime workstationsEastside Cyberforce Prime is now recruiting candidates with the program set to begin April 29th. Potential candidates will not be required to have any experience with IT but must have received their High School Diploma or GED. Funding for the program was provided by many individuals and organizations that share Hallmark’s vision for the community in east San Antonio, which includes The WestCare Foundation, St. Susie Foundation, and Hannah Foundation.




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